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Breckenridge Texan halfway to fundraising goal with two weeks left in annual NewsMatch campaign

Breckenridge Texan halfway to fundraising goal with two weeks left in annual NewsMatch campaign
December 18
14:03 2022

The Breckenridge Texan is excited to announce that with a little less than two weeks to go in our annual fundraising campaign, we’ve raised more than $2,000, about halfway to our goal of $4,000.

Our readers have very generously donated about $2,025 so far, and we are so appreciative of the support. That money will be matched by the NewsMatch program, doubling the community’s donations.

If we can raise another $1,975 by Dec. 31, we can earn another match from an anonymous donor, and that will triple the donations, turning $4,000 into $12,000.

Every day that we are in the community covering events and activities, we are striving to meet our mission of providing accurate, high-quality, current, local journalism to the residents of Breckenridge, Texas, and the surrounding area, as well as to those who are interested in the region. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of people living here by informing and educating through a sustainable source for news, entertainment and sports coverage.

This is the Breckenridge Texan’s fifth year to take part in the NewsMatch project, which supports non-profit newsrooms around the country like the Breckenridge Texan. All donations — and the matching funds — will go to the Breckenridge Texan and help support our work here to provide quality news to the local community.

There are several ways to make a donation:

To read the Breckenridge Texan’s Donor Transparency policy, click here.

As a non-profit news site, the Breckenridge Texan depends on donations, in addition to ad sales, to fund our daily operations. We use the donations and income from ad sales to pay for daily operating expenses, such as website hosting, email service, internet connection, office supplies, freelance writers and photographers, etc.

“We set up the Breckenridge Texan as a non-profit, so that it wouldn’t be a big burden on the community,” said Publisher Tony Pilkington. “That’s why we seek out additional help, like the NewsMatch program. But, we just couldn’t do this at all without the assistance of our readers. It just seems almost impossible to put into words how much the community’s support means to us.”

If you’ve already donated during this campaign, thank you! If you haven’t donated yet, we know you understand the importance of this work, and if you can help, that would be wonderful! Any amount will help us get closer to our goal. Just choose one of the options above to donate.

In addition to regular news coverage, the Breckenridge Texan also offers:

To read more about the Breckenridge Texan, click here for the About Us section.



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