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Breckenridge kids to perform ‘King Arthur’s Quest’ today, wrapping up week of theater camp

Breckenridge kids to perform ‘King Arthur’s Quest’ today, wrapping up week of theater camp
June 17
12:11 2023

By Nathalie Wilhite/Breckenridge Texan

The youth of Breckenridge are at it again, preparing an exciting show to be presented Saturday, June 17, at 2 p.m., at the National Theater, 116 E. Walker St. “King Arthur’s Quest” is brought to you through a collaboration of the Missoula Children’s Theatre and the Friends of Historic Breckenridge, and admission will be free to the public.

The Damsels in Distress bemoan the presence of a ghost in the castle. Pictured, from left, are Lydia Moreno, Kaylee Lee, Amélie Wilhite, Joyanna Griffith, Cara Sims, Julia Arnot and Evelyn Halari. (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite/Breckenridge Texan)

As the story is told, King Arthur is plagued by the many problems of Camelot, from ghost haunting to giants and from dragons to a child in need of attention. Can he solve all the troubles for the Camelotians? With the help of Guinevere, Merlin, and the knights of the round table, he finds that the answer lies not within himself but in a community that works together.

Just like King Arthur, 32 Breckenridge kids have worked as a community this past week to prepare the play with only 10 hours of rehearsal time. Theater directors Mia Reese and Nick Mastro from MCT kept things organized yet fun, prioritizing the work of learning lines and songs while also giving the cast challenges that had everyone laughing.

The creativity of the cast has been evident throughout the week, not only in the interpretation of their characters, but also off stage, with impromptu comedy shows during break time and jokes abounding at lunch. “He is so funny,” Codie Perry said with a giggle as Reyse Hash entertained everyone on Thursday.

Even in the light-hearted atmosphere, the Breckenridge youth took their cue from Reese and Mastro and remained focused during rehearsals. As a result, the community will have the opportunity to enjoy a well-put-together play that, surprisingly, only started rehearsing Monday afternoon.

Cast of Characters:

  • King Arthur – Reyse Hash
  • Guinevere – Alice Weaver
  • Sir Lancelot – Leeland Hamilton
  • Merlin – Bryson Hash
  • The Raven – Blake Gilman
  • Taliesin – Lila Weaver
  • Uther Pendragon – Aurora Dawson
  • Mordred – Isaac Weaver
  • Morgan Le Fey – Sara Kate Griffith
  • Lady of the Lake – Sarah Moreno
  • The Knights of the Round Table –
  • Sir Galahad, the White Knight – Lexington Boulevard
  • Sir Kay, the Blue Knight- Baze Russell
  • Sir Erec, the Yellow Knight – Jackson Morehart
  • Damsels of the First Order – Julia Arnot, Cara Sims, Joyanna Griffith, Amélie Wilhite, Kayle Lee, Lydia Moreno
  • Damsel of the Second Order – Evelyn Halari
  • Camelotians, the Citizens of Camelot – Britta Miller, Betty Ann Pitzer, Berkeley White, Mary Ruth Courtney, Clara Barton
  • Mini Arthur – Gregory Pena
  • Mini Guinevere – Codie Perry
  • Mini Lancelot – Miles Morehart
  • Mini Merlin – Owen Griffith
  • Mini Raven – Carrie Arnot
  • Keeper of the Keep/Giant/Dragon – Nick Mastro
  • Director – Mia Reese
  • Assistant Directors – Hanna Griffith, Adelaide Hamilton
  • Pianist – Anna Moreno

Nathalie Wilhite was at the National Theatre all week, taking photos of the activities. Click here to see her photo gallery on the Breckenridge Texan.

Merlin (Bryson Hash) casts a spell on the ghost of Uther Pendragon (Aurora Dawson). (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite/Breckenridge Texan)

One of the Missoula Children’s Theatre directors, Nick Mastro, teaches the cast of King Arthur’s Quest their final song. (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite/Breckenridge Texan)

The cast of King Arthur’s Quest performs “The World’s Turned Upside Down.” (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite/Breckenridge Texan)


Cutline, top photo: The Knights of the Round Table discuss the problem of the sleepless giant. Pictured, front row, from left, are  Baze Russell, Reyse Hash, Jackson Morehart, and, back row, from  left, Sara Kate Griffith, Isaac Weaver and Lexington Boulevard. Click here to see more photos from the week of the Missoula Children’s Theatre camp. (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite/Breckenridge Texan)



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