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Local elementary schools kick-off fundraising campaign

Local elementary schools kick-off fundraising campaign
February 09
14:03 2023

Breckenridge elementary school students are participating in a fundraising program, Step It Up/PoP, to raise money for East Elementary and South Elementary.

After a kickoff program last Monday, the kids took home information about registering for the fundraiser. With the permission of friends and family members, they will be sending phone numbers and email addresses to the fundraising organizers, who will then send out fundraising requests. Participating students will be eligible to win a variety of prizes.

In a few weeks, the students will be treated to a “Day of Awesomeness” at the school to celebrate their fundraising efforts. According to the program presented on Monday, the event will include several obstacle course-type activities, snow cones, a hula hoop contest, a DJ dance party and more. The event will be provided for all students, whether or not they participated in the fundraising.

The school administrators will decide how the funds that are raised will be spent for the schools.

If you have any questions about the fundraising program, contact either East or South elementary school.



Cutline, top photo: Two South Elementary students participate in the kickoff event for the school’s Step It Up fundraiser on Monday. Keith Ricci, right, introduced the program to the students and told them about the Day of Awesomeness that they will get to have in a few weeks. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)


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