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Breckenridge’s summer theater camp presents ‘The Frog Prince’ at Bailey Auditorium

Breckenridge’s summer theater camp presents ‘The Frog Prince’ at Bailey Auditorium
June 21
09:56 2022

By Nathalie Wilhite/Breckenridge Texan

Saturday’s presentations of “The Frog Prince” were the perfect culmination to a week of dedicated effort by the Missoula Children’s Theatre directors, the Friends of Historic Breckenridge, and a group of Breckenridge’s youth.

Pink Feathered Fashionistas demonstrate their runway walk and posing skills during “The Frog Prince.” Pictured, from left, are Kenzie Blackman, Aurora Dawson, Kaylee Lee and Stella Ray. (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite/Breckenridge Texan)

Auditions were led by tour directors Erik Henchert and Mark Sheme at 10 a.m. on Monday, June 13. By 12 p.m., everyone knew which part they were playing and began learning lines and blocking.

A short three days later, Thursday, June 17, many of the actors had their scripts memorized as they began practicing the show with piano accompanist Anna Moreno. Final costume and lighting details were worked out at the dress rehearsal Friday, June 18.

While Sheme and the actors took center stage with their funny antics, dramatic deliveries, and witty lines, the play ran as smoothly as it did thanks to backstage help by Assistant Directors Urie Kochoa and Hannah Griffith, Light Technician Bo Asher, and Erin Griffith, who helped guide the Venus flytraps. Friends of Historic Breckenridge were also a noted presence, with point person Cassie Griffith coming to every rehearsal and performance to ensure organization and proper dissemination of information.

Missoula Children’s Theatre deserves much credit for bringing this play adaptation to Breckenridge, and Henchert and Sheme’s expertise in guiding the actors, but this show was successful due in large part to the 45 children, from kindergarten age to 12th grade, who came to every rehearsal, practiced their lines, and went outside of their comfort zone.

Click here to see a photo gallery from the production.

Princess Peppy wonders if the frog would play basketball with her because he can jump. From left are Alice Weaver, Emma Griffith and Sarah-Kate Griffith. (Photo by Nathalie Whilhite/Breckenridge Texan)

Cast of Characters:

  • Swamp frog – Isaac Weaver
  • Castle frog/prince – Baze Russell
  • Ollie Aspen Tree – Reyse Hash
  • Princess Prim – Alice Weaver
  • Princess Proper – Emma Griffith
  • Princess Peppy – Sarah-Kate Griffith
  • Knights – Aiden Boulevard, Brysen Hash, Rian Tjaden, Lexington Boulevard
  • Swamp Things – Silar Morehart, Adelaide Hamilton, Zavier Dawson, Lorianne Abecrombie, Clara Barton, Berkley White, Jackson Morehart, Evelyn Halari, Izza Kochoa, Matthias Wilhite
  • Bert the Alligator – Sarah Moreno
  • Flamingos – Kaylee Lee, Stella Ray, Aurora Dawson, Kenzie Blackman
  • Ducks- Lydia Moreno, Lila Weaver, Joy Griffith, Amelie Wilhite
    The Fly – Caleb Windsor
  • Venus Flytraps – Ainah Kochoa, Britta Miller, Gabe Morehart, Brantley Ward, Tate Barton, Codie Perry, Levi Wilhite, Davis Morehart, Levi Rainey, Samuel Muniz, Owen Griffith, Cason Windsor
  • Assistant Directors – Urie Kochoa, Hannah Griffith
  • Piano Accompanist – Anna Moreno
  • Jones/King/Captain Von FlyTrap – Mark Sheme
  • Director – Erik Heuchert

The duck family gives incomprehensible directions to the castle. Pictured from left are Amélie Wilhite, Joy Griffith, Lydia Moreno and Lila Weaver. (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite/Breckenridge Texan)

Princess Prim, center, tries to announce her emergency as the knights — Aiden Boulevard and Rian Tjaden, Lexington Boulevard, Brysen Hash — dream up more and more improbable emergencies. (Photo by Nathalie Whilhite/Breckenridge Texan)


Cutline, top photo: Princess Prim is scared by the frog’s sudden appearance while Princess Proper and Princess Peppy look on. Pictured from left are Baze Russell, Alice Weaver, Emma Griffith and Sarah-Kate Griffith. Click here to see more photos in the Breckenridge Texan’s Photo Gallery. (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite/Breckenridge Texan)



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