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Volunteers needed to help place flags on veterans’ graves for Memorial Day

Volunteers needed to help place flags on veterans’ graves for Memorial Day
May 17
09:15 2021

As Memorial Day approaches, Jim Merson of Breckenridge is seeking volunteers to help place flags on veterans’ graves in the Breckenridge Cemetery to honor the women and men who have died while in the U.S. military service.

Last year, more than 30 people turned out to assist Merson in decorating the cemetery with the flags, with some coming from out of town.

On Saturday, May 29, Merson will be at the cemetery at 8 a.m. with hundreds of flags to put out. Then, at 8 a.m. Tuesday, June 1, he’ll be back out there to pick them up. And, he’s hoping his fellow citizens will come out to help.

Merson said he will have some tools to help drill holes in the ground for the flags’ sticks, if necessary. He will also have bottled water on hand for the volunteers.

“Traditionally, we start at the north end next to the front gate and work our way south,” Merson said in an email. “I will show anyone who is unfamiliar how to spot a veterans foot marker, and the process is fairly easy.”

With a good showing of volunteers, the project should take about an hour and a half, he said.

“There is a lot of history in the cemetery,” Merson said. “At one time I found a marker for someone who participated in Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘Roughriders’ charge up San Juan Hill. Anyway, you can come out and meet some people and help honor these veterans. To top it off, the cemetery is quite beautiful with all the flags in place.”

To help Merson honor the local veterans on Memorial Day weekend, meet him at the Breckenridge Cemetery at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 29, to put out flags.

Cutline, top photo: Jim Merson talks with Les and Sherry Strickland as they prepare to help place flags on the graves of veterans in the Breckenridge Cemetery last year. This year, Merson is seeking volunteers to help put out the flags on Saturday, May 29. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

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