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Stephens County Jail passes surprise inspection

Stephens County Jail passes surprise inspection
June 04
16:46 2020

Last week, the Stephens County Jail passed its annual, surprise inspection by a jail inspector from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, according to a news release from Sheriff Will Holt.

“I am proud to announce that the jail met all standards of certification,” Holt said in the release. “Meeting these requirements is not something that a staff can accomplish within a week or a month leading up to an inspection. Rather, it takes a daily dedication, from the non-ranking detention officers to the supervisors of the jail to the building superintendent, to make this happen. I would like to publicly thank all of the detention officers, the jail sergeants, Chief Deputy Kevin Roach, and especially Major Pedroza, who is our Jail Administrator, and our building superintendent, Donald Spray. The latter two are responsible for a rigorous set of tasks.”

When TCJS inspects a jail, they investigate and test numerous aspects of the jail, including but not limited to: fire safety, structural integrity, inmate physical and mental health resources and services rendered, inmate rights, security for staff and inmates, the process of how sanctions are administered against inmates, food service, sanitation, visitation, religious freedom, etc.

“Citizens of Stephens County, you should be proud of your jail staff here at the Sheriff’s Office,” Holt said.

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