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Local Cub Scouts receive awards during Blue and Gold Banquet

Local Cub Scouts receive awards during Blue and Gold Banquet
May 22
14:10 2019

On Saturday, May 18, Breckenridge Cub Scout Pack 81 held its annual Blue and Gold Banquet at First United Methodist Church.

During the ceremony, several Cub Scouts were presented with the awards they earned during the year, and four of the scouts became Boy Scouts, joining local Boy Scout Troop 63 during a Bridging Ceremony.

Following the banquet and awards ceremony, Pack 81 Cubmaster Matt Wunsch discussed some of accomplishments the pack achieved during the past year. For one, he said, they have seen a growth of about 30 percent, which he attributes to getting the word out that the scouts are having a lot of fun doing what they’re doing.

“It’s a fun program, and the kids just really, really enjoy it,” he said. “I want to make whatever we’re doing fun, and if they learn something along the way, that’s even better.”

In addition to the pack’s growth, Wunsch said, a couple of other big accomplishments during the year were taking the pack on a camping trip to Camp Tonkawa, south of Abilene, and creating the pack’s first girls Scout Den.

Wunsch said that although the boys and girls dens are separate, they work on the exact same programs and earn the same badges and participate in the camping trips.

“We had age groups second grade all the way up to fourth grade, and they’re having a great time with it,” he said.

During the coming year, Wunsch said, they are planning to expand their activities. He said they are going to try to add a fishing trip, canoeing at Lake Hubbard and another camping trip in October.

Also, he said, they just obtained a new Pinewood Derby track. He said it’s a brand new aluminum track and very fast. The pack holds their annual Pinewood Derby competition in February each year.

Tiger Cub Awards

During the past year, seven Cub Scouts earned their Tiger Award Cub Awards: Brayden Begman, Angel Whealy, Siler Morehart, Faith Vicker, Fermin Diaz, Dakota Ellis and Braden Blackman.

In addition to earning their Tiger award, they also earned the following beltloop awards: Games Tigers Play, My Tiger Jungle, Team Tiger, Tiger Bites, Duty to God, and Tigers in the Wild.

Wolf Den Awards

Also during the year, nine Cub Scouts earned their Wolf Den Award: James Hise, Blake Gilman, Adam McCullough, Dylan Herod, Kayla Nickell, Haylea Vinson, Adeline Farmer, and Mikala Martinez.

They also earned the following beltloop awards: Call of the Wild, Council Fire, Duty to Good Footsteps, Howling at the Moon, Paws on the Path, Running with the Pack, and Paws of Skill.

Bear Den Awards

There were 11 Cub Scouts who earned the Bear Den Award: Zane Mayfield, Kameron Nickell, Nickolas Young, Case Abraham, Chevy Chapin, Braxton Honea, Colton Kempton, Robert Martin, Malaki Smith, Samantha Prince, Magdalynn Wunsch.

In addition to the Bear Den Award they also earn the following Beltloop awards: Bear Claws; Bear Necessities; Fellowship and Duty to God; Fur, Feathers, and Fern; Ballo the Builder; Paws of Action; Critter Care; and Roaring Laughter.

Webelos Awards.

There were 11 Cub Scouts who earned their Webelos Award: Isaac Smith, Christian Lechner, Juan Pablo Arellano, Dirk Miller, Austin Walker, Matthew Wunsch, Layton Anderson, Kayden Bevins and Johnny Beatys.

In addition to the Webelos award they also earned the following pins: Cast Iron Chef; Duty to God and You; First Responder; Stronger, Faster, Higher; Webelos Walkabout; Into the Woods; Sports; Build It; and Webelos Colors.

Arrow of Light Award

There were four Cub Scouts who earned the Arrow of Light Award in Pack 81: Paydon Stark, Korbyn Rodriquez, Kason Burchett and Marshall Creek.

In addition to earning their Arrow of Light Award, they earned five pins: Building a Better World, Outdoor Adventure, Scouting Adventure, Duty to God in Action, and Art Explosion.

Also, during the banquet, they officially became Boy Scouts during a Bridging Ceremony, joining Breckenridge Troop 63. Paydon Stark was unable to attend the ceremony, but he earned the award and became a Boy Scout in Troop 63.

Adult Leader Recognition

During the banquet, the adult leaders also were recognized. The Breckenridge adult leaders include Cubmaster Matt Wunsch, Webelos Den Leader Sarah Stark, Webelos Den Leader Matt Wunsch, Bear Den Leader Anne Nickell, Wolf Den Leader Jo Hise, and Tiger Cub Den Leader Sonya Morehart.

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Story by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan

Webelo Scout Korbyn Rodriquez (left) serves fellow scouts during Cub Scout Pack 81’s annual Blue and Gold Banquet on Saturday, May 18. Rodriquez, along with two other scouts, became a Boy Scout following a Bridging Ceremony later in the Banquet. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Cutline, top photo: Pack 81 Cubmaster Matt Wunsch presents the Arrow of Light award to Cub Scouts Marshall Creek, Kason Burchett and Korbyn Rodriguez during the Blue and Gold Banquet. Also, during the banquet, all three boys also officially became Boy Scouts during a Bridging Ceremony, becoming members of Breckenridge Troop 63. Paydon Stark, who was unable to attend the ceremony, also earned the award and became a Boy Scout in Troop 63. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

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