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Breckenridge could see 98 percent coverage during eclipse on Monday, April 8, depending on the weather

Breckenridge could see 98 percent coverage during eclipse on Monday, April 8, depending on the weather
April 07
20:26 2024

By Carla McKeown/Breckenridge Texan

A little after noon on Monday, April 8, the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse will begin in this area. Whether or not anyone in Breckenridge will be able to see the phenomenon will depend on the cloud cover.

Breckenridge is not in the “path of totality” and therefore will not see a “total eclipse of the sun,” even if the weather is clear. This area is just north of the approximately 115-mile wide swath across the country that will see the sun completely blocked by the moon in the sky. The closer to the center line of that path, the longer the totality duration is. Texas cities such as Gatesville, Ennis and Kaufman are on the maximum duration line and will have more than four minutes of darkness — weather permitting. The outer edges of the path of totality will see shorter lengths of totality. For example, most of Stephenville is on the edge of the path of totality and will see 30 to 90 seconds of the total eclipse.

In 2017, Breckenridge Texan Publisher Tony Pilkington and Editor Carla McKeown traveled to Missouri with their daughter and a friend to experience the total solar eclipse first-hand. On Monday, April 8, 2024, Breckenridge will be see about 98 percent coverage in another eclipse. Of course, cloud cover will play a big part in how much of the eclipse is visible. (Photo by Anna Pilkington)

Stephens County is in an area labeled “deep partial” and will see about 97 to 98 percent coverage of the sun by the moon. In Breckenridge, the eclipse will begin at 12:20 p.m. and will last about 2 hours and 38 minutes from the very first minute the moon starts to move across the view of the sun until it is completely past the sun.

Looking at the sun, even during the partial eclipse, is very damaging to the eyes. Do not look at the sun directly at any time, even during the partial eclipse that Breckenridge will experience, without protective eyewear that is specified for eclipse viewing. The glasses were available for sale at Walmart and Buffalo RV Park and for customers of Blackhorse Mercantile and Cafe earlier, but they will likely be claimed quickly, if any are still available.

Overall, Texas is expecting to see more than one million visitors to the state to watch the eclipse. The Texas Department of Public Safety has released the following safety tips:

  • Drivers should not stop on roads to observe the eclipse. Drivers who want to observe the eclipse should pull over, clear of traffic and away from being hit by other vehicles. Watch out for others who may not pick the best places to stop.
  • If driving during the eclipse, focus on the road—don’t look at the eclipse or wear eclipse glasses while driving. Drivers may need to activate vehicle lights during the eclipse due to lack of sunlight. Texas law requires vehicle lights to be activated any time visibility is less than 1,000 feet.
  • Plan your travel in advance and expect traffic delays. Consider carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Leave space and increase following distance. You should expect stop and go traffic. Please avoid non-essential travel, if possible.
  • Make a communication plan with your family and friends during the eclipse in case cell phone service is impacted. Large numbers of people can temporarily overload cellular provider towers.
  • Keep a full tank of gas, as well as water, snacks and other supplies in your vehicle.
  • Always remember to be courteous and patient with others, especially as the state anticipates a large number of drivers on the roads for this historic event.

There are a variety of websites with information about the eclipse. Here are a few you might want to explore:

The Breckenridge Texan has published a couple of eclipse-related stories in the past. Check them out:

The weather forecast for Breckenridge on Monday, April 8, shows partly cloudy skies for much of the day with a chance of showers after 4 p.m.



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