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Janice Marie Evans

Janice Marie Evans
April 01
11:15 2024

Janice Marie Evans, of Breckenridge, Texas, born on February 13, 1960, in Ranger, Texas, left this world on March 28, 2024. She was a beloved daughter of the late Catherine McNabb and Danny Evans of Indiana, and a cherished sister to Brent Evans and wife Michelle, and Ricky Evans.

Janice’s legacy lives on through her children: Brandi Gibson and husband Cody Gibson, and son Shannon Day of Breckenridge, along with her five grandsons Junior, Isaac and Nathan Duran and Cody and Brody Gibson. They were the light of her life; she adored them with all her heart.

A vibrant soul who loved to be on the go, Janice traveled far and wide to visit loved ones and explore new places. She had an adventurous spirit that led her to seek out new experiences at every opportunity. Whether it was playing games or doing crossword puzzles, Janice found joy in simple pleasures, but nothing compared to spending time with her grandchildren.

Her warm personality drew people near as she never met a stranger; everyone was welcomed into her circle with open arms. A young spirit at heart, Janice lived for rock ‘n’ roll music that filled the air around her with energy and enthusiasm.

Selfless beyond measure, Janice dedicated herself to caring for others before herself. Her nurturing nature knew no bounds as she tirelessly ensured that those around her were always taken care of. There was nothing within reason that she wouldn’t do for those she loved.

In addition to being a devoted mother and grandmother, Janice had passions of her own — she adored “I Love Lucy” reruns and had an obsession with dolphins and never turned down the chance to ride on the back of a motorcycle — a symbol of freedom that resonated deeply within her soul.

The Fourth of July marked one of Janice’s favorite times of year when fireworks lit up the sky like stars dancing above — a celebration close to heart where family gathered together under bursts of color illuminating their faces with pure delight.

Janice is survived by her significant other, Billy Hendricks, as well as many aunts, uncles, nephews and cousins.

As we bid farewell to our dear friend who touched so many lives during hers here on earth — we remember how much joy she brought us all through good times shared over laughter-filled gatherings surrounded by love.

May you rest peacefully now knowing your kindness will forever live on through those whose hearts you’ve touched.



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