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Letter to the Editor: Mike Olcott endorsement

Letter to the Editor: Mike Olcott endorsement
February 29
11:34 2024

The thing I like most about Mike Olcott is his honesty!

I met Mike Olcott almost a year ago and everything I have heard him say can be verified as truth. I certainly cannot say that of his incumbent opponent for State Representative District 60.

  • Mike Olcott’s campaign has always been positive. His incumbent opponent campaigns on lies and smears which smack of desperation.
  • Mike Olcott is absolutely a constitutional conservative. His incumbent opponent says the same thing but votes with liberal Democrats much of the time.
  • Mike Olcott has been endorsed by some amazing people, both in Texas and throughout the nation. His incumbent opponent struggles to get any endorsements, even from his own party.
  • Mike Olcott wants to help Governor Abbott safeguard our southern border and keep it that way. He wants to ensure that any surplus property tax collections are returned to the taxpayers. His incumbent opponent voted against an amendment to give an additional surplus $8 billion dollars back to the taxpayers and only seems to want more power.
  • Mike Olcott wants to help the citizens of Palo Pinto County solve their severe water shortage. His incumbent opponent has been relatively silent on this major problem.
  • Mike Olcott has vowed to be the people’s candidate. His incumbent opponent speaks this way but then always bows to liberal Speaker Phelan and votes with liberal Democrats on critical issues.

We don’t need pathetic Rhinos in the Texas House anymore! It’s time to send people like Glenn Rogers home and elect a real Republican Conservative. It’s time to elect Mike Olcott!

If you agree with me, please cast your vote for Mike Olcott for State Representative District 60 on or before March 5th.

Mike McCulloh

Aledo, Texas


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