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Readers voice support, opposition to candidates in Texas House District 60 race

Readers voice support, opposition to candidates in Texas House District 60 race
February 27
10:15 2024

As Early Voting in the Republican and Democratic primaries continues this week, ahead of Election Day on March 5, several area residents have submitted letters to the editor about the race for the Texas House of Representatives District 60 seat.

Click on each box below to read the individual letters. Also, you can visit the Breckenridge Texan’s Letters to the Editor page to see these and other letters to the editor.

Letter to the Editor: Voucher Lobby Lies

Voters in Parker, Palo Pinto, and Stephens counties know that Representative Glenn Rogers is the most conservative advocate for local public schools in the Texas House. His support for our public schools and the children that attend them, their parents, and the educators called to serve in our schools is unwavering. I know that my fellow citizens support our schools, too. There can be no more apparent contrast between Representative Rogers and his opponent than support for public education.

His opponent, Mike Olcott, and a couple of billionaires and the voucher lobby that are bankrolling him are seeking to create an entitlement program that will divert our tax dollars and state resources away from our local schools. If voucher entitlement passes, the school children who remain in our public schools will be the ones who suffer the consequences. Public school programs, including the extra-curriculars, the arts, and sports, including Friday Night Lights, could be cut. The only ones who benefit are wealthy individuals already in the private school system and the profiteers or “vendors” who will get hundreds of millions of dollars administering voucher programs.

Trying to smear Rogers’ name, the voucher lobby has lied to District 60 about “Teacher Unions.” Here is the truth: Texas is a right-to-work state and doesn’t have teacher unions. There are groups like retired teacher associations, but they are nothing like a union. Mike Olcott and the people behind him either know this and are lying to us or utterly ignorant of Texas labor laws. Last campaign, .6 percent of Representative Rogers’ campaign contributions came from educator associations; he does not work for them. Glenn has proven that he works for students and parents of our district. His opponent, Mike Olcott, will be beholden to Tim Dunn, Farris Wilks, PACs, and dark money organizations funded by those who instruct him to pass legislation of their choosing. Those same groups will spend millions in an attempt to defeat Rogers.

It simply isn’t conservative to support any program that sends our tax dollars to any entity, organization, or person and not hold them accountable for the use of those funds. That is exactly what Mike Olcott plans to do.

Throughout my wife’s teaching career, she has served in both rural and large school districts, worked in small-town schools in Palo Pinto County and the 2nd largest district in Parker County, and sees firsthand how the proposed voucher system will decimate our education system, especially those children with special services and needs.

School vouchers would be a seismic change in policy that would defund public schools, shift tax dollars to private schools, and, research suggests, assist wealthy families. Funneling funds to private schools via various school choice voucher programs is wrought with moral and logistical pitfalls. Our public schools are inequitable and underfunded as they are. Subsidizing private schools would exacerbate these inequities. Texas ranks 44th in spending and 39th in funding. So much for everything being BIGGER & BETTER in TEXAS. Why not invest in better, more appropriate funding for public education?

I urge you to join me, my wife, and our family to vote for Glenn Rogers on March 5.

Best Regards,

Alan Alison, PGA


Letter to the Editor: Rural School Association supports Glenn Rogers

As the Executive Director of the Texas Association of Rural Schools and a former rural school superintendent, my insights into how state laws affect local school communities are shaped by my direct experiences. It’s from this informed position that I stress the critical nature of the March 5 primary for the advancement of all students in Texas’ public education system.

This primary holds significant weight for two reasons: first, it’s when state representatives and senators are effectively chosen, and second, it’s a battleground for public education, currently facing challenges from proponents of using taxpayer dollars for private school vouchers and withholding critical funding from school districts.

You’ve likely been inundated with campaign materials, from mailers to texts and calls, each pushing a certain candidate or discouraging support for others. Last fall, we witnessed conservative rural Republican leaders, including Representative Glenn Rogers, oppose school vouchers. They rightly argued that redirecting tax dollars to private and religious institutions is an unsustainable entitlement program, contradicting conservative values. Their stance has made them targets of billionaire-funded groups, some hailing from outside Texas.

It’s important to have honest facts. With the current double-digit inflation, our educators and school staff urgently require pay raises and our schools need additional school safety funding. Representative Rogers has demonstrated unwavering support for our rural public schools and merits your support in the upcoming Republican primary. Your vote can influence the trajectory of education in Texas, ensuring it remains accessible and equitable for all.

Randy Willis

Executive Director

Texas Association of Rural Schools

Letter to the Editor: Readers support Mike Olcott for Texas State Representative District 60

My wife, Susan, and I recently moved from Texarkana to Weatherford to be near some of our children and grandchildren. Since my retirement from the Navy in 2011 we both have been very involved in local and state politics with the Republican Party of Texas. During my Navy career, twenty-five years of which were in the Washington, D.C. area, I had to interact with the different branches of our federal government, primarily legislative, because of different assignments from the Navy. My experience in Washington very quickly exposed me to how our federal government does not act for its constituents. Upon moving to Texas, our experience locally along with my brief tenure as State Republican Executive Committeeman from state Senate District 1 demonstrated the same issues in our state government as I noted in our Federal government.

Our country, the most free and Christian nation on earth, is in rapid destruction. After moving to Weatherford and meeting Mike Olcott, Susan and I both feel that Mike shares our concerns about our country’s demise. Correcting this demise starts locally, especially at the state level, with state actions pushing movement at the Federal level. After spending time speaking with Mike and listening to him discuss his stance regarding issues of importance to the people of State Representative District 60, we believe he is the man we need now to get our government back on track for the people.

We strongly believe Mike will listen to the constituents of District 60 and will fight for them in our state government. Mike is a Christian and is a believer in the Judeo-Christian principles upon which our Federal and state governments were founded. Principles do not change; however, people’s morals do change. Mike will undoubtably support those Judeo-Christian principles as he fights for the people of his district.


Charles and Susan Blankenship, Weatherford

Letter to the Editor: Readers say Mike Olcott is wrong for House District 60

Mike Olcott claims to be a conservative, but his record shows otherwise. He has given campaign contributions to fringe candidates across the country, one of whom admitted to dating teenage girls, another who said some forms of rape are legitimate, and another who was o-k with White Supremacists.

Mike Olcott opposed and attacked President Trump calling his legislative agenda terrible and gave money to a Washington DC special interest group that opposed Trump for President and attacked conservatives across the country.

Mike Olcott was a top donor to Bryan Slaton, a former Texas House member who was expelled last year for sexual misconduct. Slaton, a 45-year-old married man, got his 19-year-old aide drunk and had sex with her. He then tried to cover up his crime by threatening her and asking another lawmaker to keep quiet. Mike Olcott gave money and endorsement to this predator.

Mike Olcott is a fringe candidate who does not share our values. He is funded and supported by radical groups that harbor individuals who say rape is not a big deal, women should not vote, and that men should be able to marry sixteen-year-old girls. He is even supported by groups that have aligned with Nazi sympathizers who deny the Holocaust and defend Hitler.

Mike Olcott is not one of us. He spent most of his adult life in Sweden and Oregon, where he faced criminal charges for harassment. He only moved to Parker County after he retired from his academic career. He has no roots or ties to our community, and he does not understand our needs and challenges. He is backed by fake conservatives who spend all their time and money attacking and smearing our Republican leaders while doing nothing to defeat Democrats.

Mike Olcott is also a sore loser. He lost the last election, but he refused to accept the results. He harassed election officials and threatened to sue taxpayers. He showed no respect for our democracy or our laws.

Mike Olcott is a danger to our state and our country. He is funded and supported by radical groups that promote violence, hate, and lies.

Mike Olcott does not represent our values, our interests, or our future. He is the wrong choice for House District 60.

Larry and Julie Walden, Parker County

Jamie and Dianna French, Parker County

Joy Smith, Parker County

Jeff Streetman, Parker County

Monte and Carolyn Land, Palo Pinto County

Bill and Juana Ash, Stephens County

Click here for more information about the election and voting.

To submit a letter to the editor, send your letter, along with your name, city where you live, and phone number (for verification purposes only) to: or P.O. Box 1228, Breckenridge TX 76424.


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