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Letter to the Editor: Rural School Association supports Glenn Rogers

Letter to the Editor: Rural School Association supports Glenn Rogers
February 25
22:15 2024

As the Executive Director of the Texas Association of Rural Schools and a former rural school superintendent, my insights into how state laws affect local school communities are shaped by my direct experiences. It’s from this informed position that I stress the critical nature of the March 5 primary for the advancement of all students in Texas’ public education system.

This primary holds significant weight for two reasons: first, it’s when state representatives and senators are effectively chosen, and second, it’s a battleground for public education, currently facing challenges from proponents of using taxpayer dollars for private school vouchers and withholding critical funding from school districts.

You’ve likely been inundated with campaign materials, from mailers to texts and calls, each pushing a certain candidate or discouraging support for others. Last fall, we witnessed conservative rural Republican leaders, including Representative Glenn Rogers, oppose school vouchers. They rightly argued that redirecting tax dollars to private and religious institutions is an unsustainable entitlement program, contradicting conservative values. Their stance has made them targets of billionaire-funded groups, some hailing from outside Texas.

It’s important to have honest facts. With the current double-digit inflation, our educators and school staff urgently require pay raises and our schools need additional school safety funding. Representative Rogers has demonstrated unwavering support for our rural public schools and merits your support in the upcoming Republican primary. Your vote can influence the trajectory of education in Texas, ensuring it remains accessible and equitable for all.

Randy Willis
Executive Director
Texas Association of Rural Schools


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