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Letter to the Editor: Readers support Mike Olcott for Texas State Representative District 60

Letter to the Editor: Readers support Mike Olcott for Texas State Representative District 60
February 25
22:13 2024

My wife, Susan, and I recently moved from Texarkana to Weatherford to be near some of our children and grandchildren.  Since my retirement from the Navy in 2011 we both have been very involved in local and state politics with the Republican Party of Texas.  During my Navy career, twenty-five years of which were in the Washington, D.C. area, I had to interact with the different branches of our federal government, primarily legislative, because of different assignments from the Navy.  My experience in Washington very quickly exposed me to how our federal government does not act for its constituents.  Upon moving to Texas, our experience locally along with my brief tenure as State Republican Executive Committeeman from state Senate District 1 demonstrated the same issues in our state government as I noted in our Federal government.

Our country, the most free and Christian nation on earth, is in rapid destruction.  After moving to Weatherford and meeting Mike Olcott, Susan and I both feel that Mike shares our concerns about our country’s demise.  Correcting this demise starts locally, especially at the state level, with state actions pushing movement at the Federal level.  After spending time speaking with Mike and listening to him discuss his stance regarding issues of importance to the people of State Representative District 60, we believe he is the man we need now to get our government back on track for the people.

We strongly believe Mike will listen to the constituents of District 60 and will fight for them in our state government.  Mike is a Christian and is a believer in the Judeo-Christian principles upon which our Federal and state governments were founded.  Principles do not change; however, people’s morals do change.  Mike will undoubtably support those Judeo-Christian principles as he fights for the people of his district.


Charles and Susan Blankenship, Weatherford


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