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Letter to the Editor: Readers say Mike Olcott is wrong for House District 60

Letter to the Editor: Readers say Mike Olcott is wrong for House District 60
February 25
22:11 2024

Mike Olcott claims to be a conservative, but his record shows otherwise. He has given campaign contributions to fringe candidates across the country, one of whom admitted to dating teenage girls, another who said some forms of rape are legitimate, and another who was o-k with White Supremacists.

Mike Olcott opposed and attacked President Trump calling his legislative agenda terrible and gave money to a Washington DC special interest group that opposed Trump for President and attacked conservatives across the country.

Mike Olcott was a top donor to Bryan Slaton, a former Texas House member who was expelled last year for sexual misconduct. Slaton, a 45-year-old married man, got his 19-year-old aide drunk and had sex with her. He then tried to cover up his crime by threatening her and asking another lawmaker to keep quiet. Mike Olcott gave money and endorsement to this predator.

Mike Olcott is a fringe candidate who does not share our values. He is funded and supported by radical groups that harbor individuals who say rape is not a big deal, women should not vote, and that men should be able to marry sixteen-year-old girls. He is even supported by groups that have aligned with Nazi sympathizers who deny the Holocaust and defend Hitler.

Mike Olcott is not one of us. He spent most of his adult life in Sweden and Oregon, where he faced criminal charges for harassment. He only moved to Parker County after he retired from his academic career. He has no roots or ties to our community, and he does not understand our needs and challenges. He is backed by fake conservatives who spend all their time and money attacking and smearing our Republican leaders while doing nothing to defeat Democrats.

Mike Olcott is also a sore loser. He lost the last election, but he refused to accept the results. He harassed election officials and threatened to sue taxpayers. He showed no respect for our democracy or our laws.

Mike Olcott is a danger to our state and our country. He is funded and supported by radical groups that promote violence, hate, and lies.

Mike Olcott does not represent our values, our interests, or our future. He is the wrong choice for House District 60.

Larry and Julie Walden, Parker County
Jamie and Dianna French, Parker County
Joy Smith, Parker County
Jeff Streetman, Parker County
Monte and Carolyn Land, Palo Pinto County
Bill and Juana Ash, Stephens County


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