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Glenn Rogers honored by Stephens County Commissioners

Glenn Rogers honored by Stephens County Commissioners
January 24
14:36 2024

By Carla McKeown/Breckenridge Texan

The Stephens County Commissioners Court honored State Rep. Glenn Rogers at their regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 22, with a resolution commending the partnership between Stephens County and the Texas Legislature. Several current and retired school personnel, as well as others, also attended the meeting in support of Rogers.

The resolution recognizes Rogers’ “outstanding efforts and dedicated service” and his “unwavering commitment and tireless advocacy on behalf of Stephens County and rural communities within his district,” Texas House District 60, which includes Stephens, Palo Pino and Parker counties.

“…recognizing the importance of public safety, Dr. Rogers has supported and championed legislation that secured vital funding for local law enforcement agencies and prosecutor’s offices, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our community,” Stephens County Judge Michael Roach said, reading the resolution aloud in the courtroom. “…understanding the significance of fair and secure elections, Dr. Rogers has played a vital role in supporting legislation that’s contributed to the enhancement of local election process, securing it against potential threats and ensuring the integrity of our democratic system. … Dr. Rogers has been a steadfast advocate for infrastructure development, working diligently to secure funding that will continue to improve and maintenance the improvement and maintenance of critical infrastructure within Stephens County. …in times of emergencies, Dr. Rogers has been a reliable and effective representative working on behalf of Stephens county ensure that state resource sources are deployed properly and efficiently to address emergency situations. Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Stephens County Commissioners Court extends its heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to State Representative Glenn Rogers for his outstanding service, hardwork and dedication to the betterment of Stephens County and the rural communities he represents.”

Glenn Rogers, who represents District 60 in the Texas House of Representatives, thanks the Stephens County Commissioners Court for honoring him at their meeting on Monday, Jan. 22. Several current and retired school personnel attended the meeting in recognition of his support of public schools. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Breckenridge Independent School District Superintendent Bryan Allen addressed the court to praise Rogers.

“…some of the things he’s done for public education: he’s worked hard, tirelessly, on keeping public dollars in the public education system, to the point where, you know, he may now have a target on his back because of that, but he has stood up for public education and put his name on the line, and we appreciate that,” said Allen, who was accompanied by several current and retired educators. “He has worked hard two sessions in a row for our retired teachers. He’s gotten a 13th check for them. And, in addition to that, a cost of living adjustment that hasn’t been done for retired educators in many, many years. He fought hard to get us additional funding in the public school system. And then he’s also worked hard to get us additional school safety funding, which we all know, is not quite enough yet. But but we’re working towards getting it there and we’re closer than we’ve ever been. Our safety needs to be funded.

“But outside of public education, he’s helped our rural communities,” Allen continued. “Number one, I think we’re all seeing it with our property taxes. At least on the school side, he has helped with with those property tax rates, and the amount that that our citizens are paying on their properties. Border security is important to all Texans, and he’s fought hard for that. Landowner, property rights, rural hospitals. He supports our right to keep and bear arms, which is very important to me, and I think very important to a lot of folks in this room. And he’s done so so many other things, not just for our public school system, but for for the citizens of Stephens County and Breckenridge. And, again, we just support the resolution. And we’ll say to Dr. Rogers, thank
you very much for your partnership.”

Stephens County Attorney Gary Trammel also spoke in favor of Rogers.

“I’ve been back here in Breckinridge and Stephens County since 1984, after I got out of law school. And I’ve seen a lot of representatives come and go. But I’m gonna tell you, this man, Mr. Rogers, he is head and shoulders above anything we’ve had in the past,” Trammel said. “He’s there. We’ve called him; I’ve called him. He’s always there for us. He does his best to try and alleviate whatever problems we’ve got. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the richest guy in town or the blue collar worker; he’s there to try to help. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a young person or a senior citizen; he’s there to help. And I just can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for this county. And we pray that he continues to do so.”

Rogers was at the meeting to accept the presentation and spoke to the court.

“Thank you so much; this means a lot to me,” Rogers said. “I love Stephens County, and it’s been a pleasure to serve you. …when I ran for state representative, my number one reason for running was to represent under-represented needs in rural Texas. And there’s fewer and fewer of us that are doing that. There’s 3 million rural Texans out of 30 million in Texas, and every year we lose more of our rural representation. And even though I moved to somewhat of a more suburban district now with Parker County — it’s not as rural as when I started — I still want to be a champion for rural Texas, and this is for our local schools. And I appreciate this recognition so much. Thank you.”

The Stephens County Commissioners Court presented State Rep. Glenn Rogers with a framed resolution honoring his work in the Texas Legislature. Pictured from left are County Commissioner Will Warren, County Judge Michael Roach, Glenn Rogers, and Commissioners David Fambro, Mark McCullough and Eric O’Dell. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Cutline, top photo: State Rep. Glenn Rogers, center, listens as Breckenridge ISD Superintendent Bryan Allen addresses the Stephens County Commissioners Court regarding Rogers’ support of the public school system. Also pictured are, from left, Constable Wayne McMullen and Sheriff Kevin Roach. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)



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