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Breckenridge Cub Scouts honored at Blue and Gold Banquet

Breckenridge Cub Scouts honored at Blue and Gold Banquet
June 12
06:54 2023

By Nathalie Wilhite/Breckenridge Texan

Breckenridge’s Cub Scout Pack 81 held their Blue and Gold Banquet on Saturday, June 3. It was an opportunity to celebrate all the scouts who advanced to their next rank and to spend time together before summer break.

The Cub Scouts recognized included Gabe Morehart, who earned the Lion rank; Levi Wilhite, who earned the Tiger rank; Davis Morehart, who earned the Wolf rank; and Matthias Wilhite, Zavier Dawson and Jackson Morehart, who earned the Bear rank.

A moment was also taken to recognize the scouts from Troop 72 and Troop 63 who acted as Den Chiefs this year. Aurora Dawson, Magdalynn Wunsch, Amélie Wilhite, Kasey Walker, Gabbie Smith and Matthew Wunsch all earned a Den Chief Cord as they committed to another year of helping the Cub Scout dens learn about the Scout Law and outdoor safety.

Finally, there was a short ceremony to award the Arrow of Light to three Cub Scouts who have finished the cub program and are moving up to Scouts BSA. Amélie Wilhite, Angel Whealy and Siler Morehart each received a custom-made beaded Indian arrow as a memento of what they learned through Cub Scouts and as a reminder to keep shining their own light.

“If I had to pick one word to describe the scouts moving up this year, it would be ‘kind.’ They consistently show kindness to their parents, siblings, scouts, and (most importantly) scoutmaster,” Scoutmaster Matt Wunsch shared in a statement about Amélie, Angel and Siler. “Their gentle spirit and nature inspires me to be more kind in my daily dealings. Kindness is one of those amazing qualities that when you choose to show it, it is often reflected back to you. My hope for them as they continue on the trail is that they continue to choose being kind to others and remember to show kindness to themselves. Thank you for giving me the honor of being your Cubmaster.”

Zavier Dawson, Matthias Wilhite, and Amélie Wilhite present the colors during the annual Blue and Gold Banquet for Breckenridge’s Cub Scout Pack 81. (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite)

Amélie Wilhite and Matt Wunsch lead the Scout Oath and Scout Law during the ceremony. (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite)

Matthew Wunsch, left, stands by as Jackson Morehart, Zavier Dawson and Matthias Wilhite receive their Bear rank during the Blue and Gold Banquet for Breckenridge Cub Scout Pack 81. (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite)

Cutline, top photo: Scoutmaster Matt Wunsch tells the story of the Blue and Gold Banquet with the help of Jackson Morehart and Siler Morehart. (Photo by Nathalie Wilhite)



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