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SMH honors Cooper brothers as Employees of the Year

SMH honors Cooper brothers as Employees of the Year
January 21
14:19 2023

Earlier this week, Stephens Memorial Hospital CEO Brian Roland made an exception to the hospital’s annual Employee of the Year presentation, giving the award to two employees, brothers Ronnie Cooper and Pete Cooper.

“Stephens Memorial Hospital District is lucky to have Plant Ops guys like Ronnie and Pete,” Roland said. “They are always timely, talented and resourceful in completing the task at hand, and always with a smile on their face.”

They are both Plant Operations Technicians. Ronnie has worked at SMH for 13 year, and Pete has been there for 12 years. Their jobs entail taking care of everything from changing a light bulb to laying new flooring throughout the hospital. “There is not much they can’t do,” said SMH Director of Business Services Chris Curtis. “They keep everything running smoothly.”

On the hospital’s Facebook page, Roland listed some of the things Ronnie and Pete’s coworkers had to say about them:

  • “I don’t even know if two people can win this, but Ronnie and Pete both deserve to win. If I submit a maintenance request, they respond to it very quickly and get the job done fast. The quality of their work is excellent. Individually and together, they have a broad range of knowledge that allows them to do this. From my vantage point of an office in the main corridor, I hear how they talk to people and how people talk to them. It is obvious everyone loves them. These two guys are responsible for keeping this hospital, a clinic, and other hospital related facilities going and they do an awesome job, certainly deserving of Employee(s) of the Year.”
  • “Pete and Ronnie are a great asset to SMH. They are very hardworking, friendly and always quick to respond with whatever is needed. Their work is noticed and very much appreciated.”
  • “These guys are always on top of things. They go above and beyond to make sure all of the hospital campus is running smoothly. When I have a maintenance request, they handle it in a timely manner. Their work is always top notch, not to mention their work ethic is excellent.”


Cutline, top photo: Stephens Memorial Hospital CEO Brian Roland, center, awards Pete Cooper, left, and Ronnie Cooper, right, as the hospitals Employees of the Year. (Photo courtesy of Stephens Memorial Hospital)


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