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SCJLS 2023: Top honors in Rabbit Division go to Hinson, Moreno, Gill and Perkins

SCJLS 2023: Top honors in Rabbit Division go to Hinson, Moreno, Gill and Perkins
January 10
15:45 2023

The 65th annual Stephens County Junior Livestock Show started with the Rabbit Division on Thursday evening, Jan. 5.

Rabbit judge Gay Sparks of De Leon looks over an entry while Hannah Moreno waits for her rabbit to be judged. Moreno won the Senior Rabbit Showmanship award. Click here to see more photos from Thursday night’s events. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

The competition was judged by Gay Sparks of De Leon.

Here is a complete list of the Rabbit Division winners:

Senior Showmanship: Hannah Moreno
Junior Showmanship: Kasen Ferguson
Rabbit Bred and Born: Kasen Ferguson

Breeding Rabbits

Class 1 –New Zealand Bucks – 1. Lucas Gonzales; 2. Jackson Morehart; 3. Morgan Duncan; 4. Glen Thibodeaux
Class 2 – New Zealand Doe  – 1. Berkley White; 2. Berkley White
Class 3 – California Bucks  – 1. Collom Perkins; 2. Cabel Perkins; 3. Ashlyn Owen; 4. Cabel Perkins; 5. Parks Gill
Class 4 –– California Doe – 1. Pate Gill; 2. Cabel Perkins; 3. Collom Perkins; 4. Cabel Perkins
Class 5 –– Other Breeding Bucks – 1. Cade Escalon; 2. Gage Ethridge; 3. Jaxon Escalon; 4. Hannah Moreno; 5. Natalee Cooper
Class 6 –– Other Breeding Doe – 1. Natalee Cooper; 2. Hannah Moreno; 3. Kyptyn Escalon; 4. Paisley Thibodeaux
Class 7 –– Tan Bucks – 1. Kasen Ferguson; 2. Kasen Ferguson; 3. Lydia Moreno; 4. Alyssa Riddle
Class 8 –– Tan Doe — 1. Kasen Ferguson; 2. Kasen Ferguson; 3. Sebastian Nieves; 4. Sebastian Nieves

Grand Champion Doe: Pate Gill
Reserve Champion Doe: Berkley White
Grand Champion Buck: Collom Perkins
Reserve Champion Buck: Cade Escalon
Best of Show: Collom Perkins
Reserve Best of Show: Pate Gill

Market Rabbits

Class 9 — Lightweight — 1. Kasey Walker; 2. MacKenzie Cloud; 3. Alexis Vick; 4. Isaiah Lehr
Class 10 – Medium Weight — 1. Ashlee Anderson; 2. Jaxon Owen; 3. Sawyer Langham; 4. Collom Perkins
Class 11 Heavy Weight — 1. Kaelem Hinson; 2. Ashlyn Owen; 3. Korley Perkins; 4. Cabel Perkins

Grand Champion Pen of Rabbits: Kaelem Hinson
Reserve Champion Pen of Rabbits: Ashlyn Owen

Natalee Cooper watches rabbit judge Gay Sparks look over her entry during Thursday night’s competition. Natalee’s rabbit won first place in the Class 6 Breeding Rabbits – Other Breeds Doe category and Reserve Champion in the Other Breeds overall. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Cutline, top photo: Lucas Gonzales, left, and Jackson Morehart wait for their rabbits to be judged in the New Zealand Bucks class of the Breeding Rabbits category in the Stephens County Junior Livestock Show on Thursday evening, Jan. 5. Lucas’ rabbit earned first place honors in the contest, and Morehart’s was named second place. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Click here to see the Breckenridge Texan’s Photo Gallery from Thursday night at the SCJLS. The Breckenridge Texan will have more photos from Rachelle Perry, the SCJLS official photographer, at a later date.





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