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SCJLS 2023: Top honors in Goat Division go to Addison Duncan and MacKenzie Cloud

SCJLS 2023: Top honors in Goat Division go to Addison Duncan and MacKenzie Cloud
January 10
15:55 2023

This year’s Goat Division in the Stephens County Junior Livestock Show featured six classes of breeding goats and three classes of market goats.

Don Kelm of Stephenville judged the contest, and Matt Colbert of Lubbock judged the showmanship portion of the competition.

The results of the Goat Division are as follows:

Senior Goat Showmanship: MacKenzie Cloud
Junior Goat Showmanship: Cantyn McClymond
Born and Bred Goat: Audra Wimberley

Goats — Breeding

Class 26 — Breeding — 1. Prentin Ezell; 2. Rhyder Patterson; 3. Morgan Duncan
Class 27 — Breeding — 1. Sylee Mitchell; 2. Providence Ezell; 3. Providence Ezell; 4. Gentry Bounds; 5. Ezekial Castillo
Class 28 — Breeding — 1. Caroline Turner; 2. Providence Ezell; 3. Prentin Ezell; 4. Audra Wimberley
Class 29 — Breeding — 1. Addison Duncan; 2. Jack McKay; 3. KaDee Wimberley; 4. MacKenzie Cloud; 5. Audra Wimberley
Class 30 — Breeding — 1. Camdyn Moreno; 2. Camdyn Moreno; 3. Jerry Lawson
Class 31 — Breeding — 1. Audra Wimberley; 2. KaDee Wimberley

Grand Champion Breeding Goat: Addison Duncan
Reserve Champion Breeding Goat: Sylee Mitchell

Goats — Market

Class 32 — Market — 1. Cantyn McClymond; 2. Mylie Patterson; 3. Sylee Mitchell
Class 33 — Market — 1. Jack McKay; 2. Carder McClymond; 3. Sylee Mitchell; 4. Madison Yarger; 5. Hannah Bounds
Class 34 — Market — 1. Addison Duncan; 2. Jack McKay; 3. Hannah Bounds; 4. Audra Wimberley

Grand Champion Market Goat: Addison Duncan
Reserve Champion Market Goat: Cantyn McClymond

Addison Duncan, left, and MacKenzie Cloud, right, look for direction from the judge during the Goat Division on Friday, Jan. 6, at the Stephens County Junior Livestock Show. Addison showed the Grand Champion Breeding Goat and the Grand Champion Market Goat. MacKenzie received the Senior Goat Showmanship Award. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Cutline, top photo: Livestock judge Don Kelm talks with exhibitor Camdyn Moreno, center, while Audra Wimberley, left, and Jack McKay, right, wait to show their goats. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Click here to see the Breckenridge Texan’s Photo Gallery from Friday’s events at the SCJLS. The Breckenridge Texan will have more photos from Rachelle Perry, the SCJLS official photographer, at a later date.



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