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Stephens County burn ban lifted

Stephens County burn ban lifted
September 02
10:56 2022

The burn ban in Stephens County has been lifted, following the recent rain, according to a notice posted on the county’s Facebook page.

According to Texas A&M University’s Texas Weather Connection website, Stephens County has an average Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI) of 532 today, Sept. 2, with the maximum being 698 in the southwestern portions of the county, and the minimum being 166, mostly in the northern areas. The Texas A&M Forest Service explains that in the 400-600 KBDI range, wildfire intensity begins to increase significantly. Above 600, wildfires will show extreme intensity.

The National Weather Service shows a 40% chance of rain and thunderstorms today and Saturday and a 20-30% chance of showers daily through next Thursday.

Local officials ask that anyone planning to burn brush call the Breckenridge Fire Department at 254-559-6242 to let them know. That will keep them informed about what’s going on around the county.



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