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East Elementary full of laughter and a few tears on first day of 2022-23 school year

East Elementary full of laughter and a few tears on first day of 2022-23 school year
August 17
18:45 2022

All Breckenridge ISD schools were busy this morning, Aug. 17, as students returned for the first day of the 2022-23 school year. At East Elementary, there were lots of smiles and a few tears as parents, grandparents and other loved ones dropped off their kids for what was the very first day of school ever for many students.

Kindergarten parents could choose tissues to dry their tears with or noisemakers to celebrate with after they dropped of their kids for the first day of school at East Elementary. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

In front of the school, a “First Day of School” sign was set up for picture-taking. Many of the younger kids were walked into the school by their parents, but the older ones hopped out of the car and made their way inside on their own.

As most of the students were eager to get to their classrooms, a few parents were a little hesitant about letting go. the East Elementary staff organized a “Boo-hoo (and/or) Yahoo Breakfast” for kindergarten parents. In the school library, parents could get some breakfast pastries and a cup of coffee or juice. They could choose to pick up a packet of Kleenex brand tissues if they were there to “boo-hoo” or a party noisemaker if they were there to celebrate the start of school.

Out in the hallway, the activity level was high with students waiting to get into their classrooms, while others ate breakfast in the cafeteria. Slowly, the hooks in the hall were filled with backpacks. By 8 a.m., the halls were mostly cleared and the parents had made their way back to their vehicles.

Within a few days, it will all be routine for parents and kids alike.

The first holiday of the school year is Labor Day on Sept. 5. There are several options for everyone to keep up with school schedules and events:

The official BISD 2022-23 Calendar

The integrated calendar that lists upcoming activities from each school

The Mobile Weekly Web Calendar that’s great for looking at on your phone

Additionally, each school has a Facebook page and a page on the BISD website.

Check out some photos from the first day of school at East Elementary by Breckenridge Texan Publisher Tony Pilkington:


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