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Stephens County Sheriff Department investigating local woman’s disappearance

Stephens County Sheriff Department investigating local woman’s disappearance
June 07
23:37 2022

UPDATE: According to a post on Connie Jo Flores’ Facebook page, Bonnie Lucas was located in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, June 8, and has been reunited with family and is under the care of medical professionals.

By Tony Pilkington and Carla McKeown/Breckenridge Texan

The Stephens County Sheriff’s Office has opened a missing person investigation into the disappearance of Bonnie Lucas, 54, of Stephens County.

According to Stephens County Sheriff Kevin Roach, Lucas was reported missing on Sunday, June 5, after leaving Breckenridge on Saturday. She was last seen in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Roach said he has no reason to suspect any kind of foul play took place while she was in Stephens County.

Lucas’ sister Connie Jo Flores said that the family is concerned about her and is searching for her. A truck driver contacted Lucas’ family and told them that he had dropped her off at a motel in Oklahoma City. He said that, although she said to tell her family that she’s OK, he didn’t think she was mentally well and suggested that the family go get her in Oklahoma, Flores said.

“We don’t really know her mental health state,” Flores said. “We do have high concerns … she’s not making sense right now. So she’s very paranoid. She’s scared. She ran away from Breckenridge. We found her car, we found her phone in McLean, Texas, which is near Amarillo.”

Flores said that their brother is in Oklahoma, looking for Lucas. “We have not been able to get support from the police department in Oklahoma, because they say that there is no crime for an adult (leaving),” she said. “So unless there was proof that she had been harmed, they will just take note of her being a missing person. But they’re not necessarily helping us get any headway with investigating.”

The family received photos from the Econo Lodge in Oklahoma City, where she checked in, and Flores said the family is certain the photos are of Lucas. Those photos, along with a portrait-type photo and information about Lucas, are included on a “Missing Person” poster.

Roach said he spoke to a detective with the Oklahoma City Police Department Tuesday morning, trying to verify what information, if any, they needed from the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office to help their investigation.

“From my understanding, she is on foot in Oklahoma City,” he said. “They indicated that the motel that she was at was close to a truck stop, and they don’t know if she’s caught a ride with another trucker or not. But they are looking into the video, and they’re going to try to see whether she was there alone or not when she left.”

Anybody with information about Lucas can contact the family at 817-899-7722 or law enforcement officers in any community where she is seen.

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