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Letter to the Editor: Reader encourages Stephens County residents to vote for Rogers

May 16
14:10 2022

Dear Editor:

Stephens County voters, I write this to encourage and implore you to carryout your due diligence as a citizen, and mark your ballot for Dr. Glenn Rogers in his runoff. Early voting is only the week of May 16th-20th, and Election Day is May 24th. This is a crucial race, where representation for our rural county hangs in the ballot. Dr. Rogers has represented our county and its unique challenges against those in Austin who often only consider what is best for urban and suburban parts of Texas. Dr. Rogers is proven for us. His opponent is not! His opponent has proven that his priorities are in DFW suburbia.

Ponder this, Dr. Rogers is regularly in Stephens County, not just as a campaigner but as an active state representative, touching base with our local governments, civic organizations, and businesses, listening to them so that he can best help us in the Capitol. I can personally attest to the fact that Dr. Rogers is in Breckenridge multiple times a year, not just during campaign season.

His opponent, on the other hand, has treated Stephens County like an afterthought, and has spent almost all of his time in Parker County, where the dense population is most apt to get him elected. If a want-to-be politician won’t even hold an event nor visit our entities when campaigning, what makes you think that he will show up and or take a phone call once he is elected and in Austin? Dr. Rogers has already demonstrated that he will be there for us. Vote him in again so that he can continue to be our conservative voice.

We showed up for Dr. Rogers in the initial primary, of which he earned the most votes. Now we must support him again in the run-off. Don’t let political fatigue get the best of you. Stay the course and go vote for Dr. Rogers.

Dr. Rogers is a rural-minded, conservative Christian, who has a diverse work and professional background including: ranching, a veterinarian, cattle researcher and  university professor, agriculture consultant, and businessman. As you can see, all of Dr. Rogers’ work history and education centers on what is relevant in Stephens County and the remainder of rural Texas. He is light-years ahead of his opponent in terms of what affects us.

In closing, I ask that you give Dr. Rogers another two years in Austin as our representative. If you have questions about the mud-slinging mailers and advertisements, ask yourself why so much money and negativity was spent against Dr. Rogers. The answer is that he looks out for people in small towns and rural country-sides, not for career politicians and out-of-touch power players who want what is best for their ideology and businesses. I humbly ask for you to vote for Dr. Glenn Rogers.


Will Holt
Breckenridge, Texas



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