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Breckenridge places first in Buckaroo and Bulldog Relays; Lehr breaks school record

Breckenridge places first in Buckaroo and Bulldog Relays; Lehr breaks school record
April 03
21:54 2022

By Brant Thurmond/Breckenridge Texan

When Breckenridge High School hosted the annual Buckaroo Relays on March 26, not only did the hometown athletes come away with first place overall, but BHS junior Chase Lehr broke a school record in the 1600-meter run.

With a time of 4:33.16, Lehr broke the 43-year-old school record set by Johnny Dean in 1979, who ran the 1600 in 4:34.40.

“It has been one of his (Lehr’s) goals this year to break that record,” Buckaroo head track coach Mark Young said. “He had some great conditions Saturday (March 26) in front of a home crowd, and he set his mind to run and do it. He has gotten close in a couple meets by half a second (of the record) and he went out and knew what pace we wanted him to run and went and got it. It’s very exciting. It was one of the goals he had for this year, and we look forward to him accomplishing several others he has.”

The Buckaroo track team has seen a great deal of success and improvement throughout the season in preparation for the district track meet next week.

“We have bettered our times every week and have improved our jumps, and throws,” Young said of the progress this season. “If we can stay healthy, we are looking for some great results at district and then hopefully, we can get several kids and the relay teams out to the regional track meet. Once you get there, it’s kind of just see what happens and see if you can advance on to state.

“We are looking forward to it and making a run to win the district championship with the JV and varsity,” he continued. “We came within five points of winning a championship last year and finished second to City View, so our kids are really pumped about going and winning a district championship at their place.”

The Breckenridge High School track teams will compete in the District 7-3A track meet April 11 and 14 at Wichita Falls City View High School. The meet was originally scheduled to take place at Jacksboro High School, but after a recent tornado damaged the high school and football stadium, the meet was moved to City View.

Buckaroo Reunion

Another highlight of the Buckaroo Relays meet was a reunion that was held for former Buckaroo coaches and athletes.

Those in attendance included: (Coaches) John Hagler, Bill Grissom, Gail Edwards, Eddie Parker, Lance Kitchens, Sharon Kitchens, and Bob Botone.

Former athletes attending included: Brad Avants, Grant Gibson, Laura Everett Gibson, Rich Kitchens, Donny Funderburg, Chris Wilson, James “Bubba” Humphreys, Shane Hailey, Heather Reatherford, Nic McClymond, Randy Willis, Casey Pearce, Rob Durham, Mike Mitchell, Cody Wimberley, Cory Wimberley, Colby Walker, Cassie Elder Wimberley, Chelsea Hodges Miles, Ryan Smalley, Kayce Cates Smalley, Brielle Parks, Dusty Brandon and Gary Trammel.

Buckaroo Relays Results

The Buckaroos won the meet with total of 229 points, while Eastland was second with 115 points and Albany was third with 100 points.

Milsap and Windthrost rounded out the top five with 77 and 44 points respectively.

The Buckaroo JV also won the team standings in the JV division with a total of 314 points.

Varsity Boys Results (Finals only)

100-meter dash- 1. Sean Cooksey, 10.75; 3, Daniel Valdez, 11.50; 4. Emilio Maya, 11.72

200-meter dash- 1. Adrian Ruiz, 22.64; 2. Daniel Valdez, 23.83; 4. Sawyer Wimberley, 23.97

300-meter hurdles- 2. Braye Cantrell, 44.28

4×100 meter relay- 1. Sean Cooksey, Sawyer Wimberley, Anson Rodgers, Adrian Ruiz, 43.55

400-meter dash- 2. Angel Alvarado, 54.94; 3. Chicago Harper, 57.37; 4. Jaylen Harper, 57.37; 6. Peyton McPhail, 59.18

4×200 meter relay- 1. Anson Rodgers, Adrian Ruiz, Sawyer Wimberley, Sean Cooksey, 1:31.02

800-meter run- 1. Chase Lehr, 1:56.61; 2. Caleb Cameron, 2:07.09; 3. Braye Cantrell, 2:11.49

4×400 meter relay- 1. Anson Rodgers, Angel Alvarado, Caleb Cameron, Chase Lehr, 3:36.34

1600-meter run- 1. Chase Lehr, 4:33.16; 2. Caleb Cameron, 4:54.72; 6. Matthew Bueno, 5:16.09; 8. Jaydon Frishe, 5:44.38

3200-meter run- 4. Matthew Bueno, 11:26.25; 7. Jaydon Frishe, 12:58.41

Field Events

Long Jump- 6. Jaylen Harper, 17-7.25

Shot Put- 2. Isaiah Lehr, 43-5.50; 3. Adler Loftis, 42-4.50; 4. Caiden Marin, 42-2.25

Discus- 1. Isaiah Lehr, 123-9; 3. Caiden Marin, 117-7; 4. Adler Loftis, 116-8

Triple Jump- 3. Jaylen Harper, 38-7.50; 4. Trey McPhail, 38-3.50; 7. Peyton McPhail, 36-11

Pole Vault- 4. Jaxon Escalon, 11-0

JV Boys Results (Finals only)

100-meter dash- 1. Kennet Medina, 11.72; 3. Kaiden Garcia, 12.40; 5. Thomas Dittmar, 12.43

110 hurdles- 1. Lane Castillo, 18.90; 2. Alessis Maya, 20.03; 3. Saxon Knust, 20.14; 4. John Sackett, 20.47; 5. Ryan Mendoza, 22.19

200-meter dash- 2. Kaiden Garcia, 25.24; 3. Ivan Naranjo, 25.62; 4. Thomas Dittmar, 25.78

300-meter hurdles- 1. Lane Castillo, 47.00; 2. Alessis Maya, 47.68; 3. Dylan McPhail, 48.90; 4. Ryan Mendoza, 52.09; 5. Saxon Knust, 52.14; 6. 52.50

4×100 meter relay- 1. Kennet Medina, Alex Saucedo, Alejandro Franco, Ashton Reyes, 46.21

400-meter dash- 1. Karter Smalley, 56.24; 2. Ivan Naranjo, 56.81; 3. Carlos Alvarado, 58.17; 4. Kendall Andrade, 59.28

4×200 meter relay- 1. Kennet Medina, Alex Saucedo, Angel Hernandez, Ashton Reyes, 1:37.81

800-meter run- 1. Camden Escalon, 2:14.44; 2. Lane Tinkle, 2:17.22; 3. Carlos Alvarado, 2:18.66

4×400 meter relay- 1. Ivan Naranjo, Alexis Franco, Camden Escalon, Karter Smalley, 3:48.67

1600-meter run- 2. Cole Smith, 5:28.08; 3. Lane Tinkle, 5:45.93; 6. Tristen Myers, 6:10.68; 8. Jack McKay, 6:11.68

3200-meter run- 2. Cole Smith, 12:09.20; 3. Carlos Alvarado, 12:43.92; 7. Marco Trochez, 14:04.80

Field Events

Long Jump- 2. Alex Saucedo, 17-0.50; 5. John Sackett, 15-1.25

Shot Put- 2. Marcas Morin, 34-3.75; 5. Antley Rodgers, 31-3; 6. Benny Escobedo, 31-2.75

Discus- 2. Benney Escobedo, 94-4.50; 4. Antley Rodgers, 87-0, 6. Elijah Chisholm, 74-1.50

Triple Jump- 3. Alex Saucedo, 35-1; 4. John Sackett, 32-9.25

High Jump- 1. Ryan Mendoza, 5-8

Pole Vault- 1. Emillio Castorena, 9-0; 3. Jack McKay, 8-6

Leading up to the district meet, the Lady Buckaroos are finding their groove and have set their sights on a district title as well.

“We have had some success here and there, and we kind of pieced it together the last few meets,” Lady Buckaroo head coach Blair McGee said. “We have had a few relays that we were still figuring out pieces for, but after the Clyde meet, I think we have figured out who needs to be in what and what orders they need to be in. We are looking forward to district and going and competing for a district title.

“I think we will be able to advance all three of our relay teams,” he continued. “I have quite a few that will be able to advance in individual events. There are a couple high jumpers, a girl in the 800 and 400 that I think will have a chance. Also, have one in the 200 that I think will be able to advance. I think we will have a pretty good outing at our district meet and then compete at home at the area meet.”

The Lady Buckaroos finished second at the Buckaroo Relays with a total of 138 points, behind Haskell who won the meet with a total of 165 points.

Eastland, Milsap, and Albany rounded out the top five in team standings with 133, 57, and 55 points, respectively.

The following are the individual results for the meet:

Varsity Girls (Finals only)

100-meter dash- 8. Haigan Thomson, 14.06

200-meter dash- 5. Karson Smalley, 29.14; 6. Jesi Warren, 29.58

300-meter hurdles- 4. Haylie Mendoza, 53.65; 6. Solae Mendez (Breck JV), 57.58

400-meter dash- 1. Ruthie Valdez, 1:03.59; 6. Miley Roberts, 1:09.90; 9. Destiney Jamison, 1:19.12

4×100 meter relay- 3. Elizabeth Woodard, Haylie Mendoza, Jesi Warren, Haigan Thompson, 52.15

4×200 meter relay- 3. Karson Smalley, Jesi Warren, Zaea Ragle, Elizabeth Woodward, 1:53.21

800-meter run- 1. Ruthie Valdez, 2:32.00; 4. Destiney Jamison, 2:37.18; 7. Giselle Reyes (Breck JV), 3:15.66

4×400 meter relay- 2. Haylie Mendoza, Elizabeth Woodward, Karson Smalley, Ruthie Valdez, 4:19.24

1600-meter run- 3. Mia Arreola, 6:48.27; 6. Giselle Reyes (Breck JV), 8:07.58

3200-meter run- 3. Mia Arreola, 14:13.27

Girls’ Field Events Results

Long Jump- 3. Ruthie Valdez, 15-0; 4. Haylie Mendoza, 14-9; 8. Zaea Ragle, 13-4.50

Shot Put- 3. Joni Jackson, 30-1

Discus- 5. Joni Jackson, 90-5; 8. Avery Rodgers, 80-4; 10. Cabel Perkins (Breck JV), 66-0

Triple Jump- 2. Jesi Warren, 31-5.50; 5. Solae Mendez (Breck JV), 30-11

High Jump- 3. Miley Roberts, 5-0; 5. Ruthie Valdez, 4-8; 7. Charlie Salazar (Breck JV), 4-4

Pole Vault- 1. Elizabeth Woodward, 9-0; 2. Miley Roberts, 8-6; 4. Abby Otts M, 8-0

Bulldog Relays in Clyde

The Buckaroo and Lady Buckaroo track teams competed in Clyde on Thursday, March 31.

The Buckaroos won the meet with a total 202 points. Clyde finished second with 112 points, and Eastland was third with 99 points. Cisco and Merkel rounded out the top five with 95.5 and 64.5 points, respectively. The JV boys also won their division with 247 points.

The Lady Buckaroos finished third with 97 points. Clyde and Merkel finished ahead of the Lady Bucks with 169.83 and 98.83 points, respectively. The JV Lady Buckaroos finished sixth with 44 points.


3200- 5. Mia Arreola, 14:04

400-meter relay- 4. Elizabeth Woodward, Haylie Mendoza, Haigen Thompson, Jesi Warren, 51.53

800-meter run- 4. Ruthie Valdez 2:37.28; 5. Destiny Jamison, 2:41.15

100-meter dash- 4.Haigen Thompson, 13.30; 6. Aimee Tolliver, 13.43

4×200-meter relay- 4. 1:51.53 Karsyn Smalley, ZaeaRagle, Jesi Warren, Elizabeth Woodward, 1:51.53

400-meter dash- 2. Ruthie Valdez, 1:02.34

200-meter run. 3. Haylie Mendoza 27.12

1600-meter run- 5. Mia Arreola6:36

4×400 meter relay- 1.Karysn Smalley, Haylie Mendoza, Elizabeth Woodward, Ruthie Valdez, 4:13.00

Field Events

Shot Put- 6. Joni Jackson, 29-9

High Jump- 2. Miley Roberts 4-10

Pole Vault- 2. Elizabeth Woodward 8-6; 3. Karsyn Smalley, 8-0; 4. Abigail Otts, 8-0

Long Jump 3. Ruthie Valdez, 15-8.50


4X100 Relay- 4. Makayla Wright, Mia Castillo, Solea Mendez, Charlie Salazar, 56.14

100-meter dash- 4.Solea Mendez 13.84; 6. Charlie Salazar 14.08

400-meter run- 6.KamyrnBrilley, 1:15.81

200-meter dash-5. Mia Castillo, 30.17

4×400 meter relay-1.Makalya Wright, Mia Castillo, Solea Mendez, Charlie Salazar, 4:39.10

Field Events

Shot Put- 4.Cabel Perkins, 26-0

Discus-6.Cabel Perkins, 66-6

High Jump- 4. Charlie Salazar, 4-2

Varsity Boys

100-meter dash- 1. Sean Cooksey, 10.7;5. Daniel Valdez, 11.59

200-meter dash- 1. Adrian Ruiz, 22.3; 4. Sawyer Wimberley, 23.8; 8. Anson Rodgers

400-meter run-, 2. Angel Alvarado, 54.4;3. Jaylen Harper, 55.1;4. Chicago Harper, 55.9.

800-meter run- 1. Chase Lehr, 1:57, 2. Caleb Cameron, 2:06; 4. Braye Cantrell, 2:13.

1600- meter run- 1. Chase Lehr, 4:46; 2. Caleb Cameron, 4:55.

3200 run- 6. Matthew Bueno 11:49.

300-meter hurdles-3. BrayeCantrell, 44.3.

4×100 meter relay- 1. Sawyer Wimberley, Sean Cooksey, Anson Rodgers, Adrian Ruiz, 44.15

4×200 meter relay- 1. Adrian Ruiz, Daniel Valdez, Sawyer Wimberley, Sean Cooksey, 1:31.

4×400 meter relay- 1. Anson Rodgers, Angel Alvarado, Caleb Cameron, Chase Lehr, 3:32.

Field Events

Shot Put- 4. Harley Davis, 43-8; 5, Isaiah Lehr, 43-2; 8. Isaak Eutimio, 39-8

Discus- 1. Harley Davis, 152-7; 2. IsaakEutimio, 138-6; 4. Isaiah Lehr, 128-6.

High Jump- 7. Braye Cantrell, 5-4

Pole Vault- 1. Jaxon Escalon, 12-0.

Long Jump- 2. Emilio Maya, 18-9; 8. Jaylen Harper, 16-6.50

Triple Jump- 4.Jaylen.Harper, 37-9.5; 6. Trey McPhail, 36-1.50; 8. Peyton McPhail, 35-10.5

JV Boys

100-meter dash- 1T. Alexis Franco and Angel Hernandez, 11.72; 3. Brilee Bernal, 11.78.

200- meter dash- 2. BrileeBernal, 24.47; 3. Thomas Dittmar, 25.5; 7. Christian Arellano, 25.91

400-meter dash- 1. Ivan Naranjo, 55.2; 2. Karter Smalley, 56.5; 5. Kendall Andrade, 58.6.

800-meter run- 2. Lane Tinkle, 2:16; 3. Camden Escalon, 2:20, 6. Carlos Alvarado, 2:27.

1600-meter run- 2. Cole Smith, 5:32; 3. Lane Tinkle, 5:38.

3200-meter run- 1. Cole Smith, 12:20; 4. Carlos Alvarado, 12:37.

110-meter hurdles- 1. Lane Castillo, 18.09; 5. Saxon Knust, 19.9; 6. Alessis Maya, 20.1.

300-meter hurdles- 2. AlessisMaya, 47.4; 3. Dylan McPhail, 48.41.

4×100 meter relay- 1. Ashton Reyes, Angel Hernandez, Alejandro Franco, KennetMedina, 46.46.

4×200 meter relay- 1. Ashton Reyes, Alejandro Franco, Alex Saucedo,Kennet Medina, 1:37.

4×400 meter relay- 1. Karter Smalley, Alex Saucedo, Camden Escalon, Ivan Naranjo, 3:46.

Field Events

Shot Put- 1. Caiden Marin, 42-3; 3. Jerry Lawson, 41-1; 4. Adler Loftis, 40’11.

Discus- 2. Adler Loftis, 110-10; 3. Caiden Marin, 108-9; 5. Benny Escobedo, 94-11

High Jump- 1. Ryan Mendoza, 5-8.

Pole Vault- 5.EmillioCastorena, 9-0; 7. Jack McKay, 8-6

Long Jump- 5. John Sackett, 16-2.5; 6. Alex Saucedo, 16-2.

Triple Jump- 3. Dylan McPhail, 34-11; 5. Alex Saucedo, 34-8.

Area Track Meet

Breckenridge will host the Area track meet on April 21 at the South Elementary track.

“We are looking forward to it and making a run to win the district championship with the JV and varsity. We are excited about having the area meet at our place,” Young said. “A lot of people that don’t get to go to the area meet to watch us, they will get a chance to go see us compete since we are having it at our place.”

McGee echoed Young’s comments and is excited to be able to host the area meet.

“It always helps when you can be at home. Everybody is comfortable at home,” McGee said. “They don’t want to let anyone down. The good news is we have a lot more people cheering for our kids at home. It’s a surface that they have been on all year and have ran in every lane you can possibly think of. They know exactly where to turn it on and go finish.”


Cutline, top photo: Breckenridge High School junior Chase Lehr is congratulated by his dad, Shaun Lehr, shortly after Chase won the 1600-meter run at the Buckaroo Relays on March 26. Chase’s time beat a 43-year-old school record. (Photo courtesy of BISD)


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