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Letter to the Editor: Reader commends Breckenridge Texan coverage of animal shelter situation

February 21
15:02 2022

Dear Editor,

Hats off to the Breckenridge Texan for the courage to call out the City of Breckenridge for its lack of transparency!!!

There are those of us who care enough about the stray and abandoned animals produced by this town to be interested in the outcome of the recently revealed and intolerable cruelties at the local animal “shelter.” For this we depend on the media. A few dedicated Facebook users attempt to pass along any news they can glean, but in the final analysis it is the media to which we turn for timely, unbiased, and factual information on the important issues, and this, my friends, is important, regardless of how many of you will say  “It’s just a dog.” It is a life, it is God’s creation, it did not ask for its unfortunate circumstances. It deserves respect and protection.

Breckenridge has never been an animal-friendly town. The Humane Society has done a masterful job in recent years by building the new shelter for the City and working with them to provide veterinary care, help with spay/neuter costs, adoption, and other services to improve the lives of the neglected and forgotten. When the current administration severed that relationship, “closed” the shelter and placed total control of the unfortunate animals back in the hands of the police department, we all knew nothing good would come of it, but we never anticipated anything as sickening as this.

The public needs and wants to be informed about what happens in our neighborhood. We’re depending on you, Breckenridge Texan, to continue to keep us informed and to help make sure such atrocities are never again committed behind closed doors. Don’t let the rug quite cover the story. Keep fighting for us, for the animals, and for the truth.

Thank you,

Mona Lasater
Breckenridge, Texas

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