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Letter to the Editor: Endorsement for D’Jean Thompson

February 16
17:07 2022

Dear Editor:

Endorsement of D’Jean Thompson for County Clerk

Hello voters of Breckenridge and Stephens County. I am endorsing D’Jean Thompson for being elected to the Office of County Clerk. D’Jean has an abundant amount of experience working within our County Clerk Office as a right-of-way-contractor. Additionally, she is skilled in researching and obtaining documents and information from other, larger county clerk offices such as Tarrant, Eastland, and Palo Pinto. Her myriad of experiences have given her a hands-on understanding, as well as numerous ideas about how to more efficiently and modernly operate the County Clerk Office.

I have known Mrs. Thompson since the 1990s, including when we overlapped class years at Breckenridge High School. She grew up here and understands the people and places that make our small town and rural county a nice place to live. Fortunately for us, she has also lived, been educated, and worked in other communities, which allows her to bring those experiences and ideas back to our county government

I am vouching for Mrs. Thompson, and know her to be knowledgeable and passionate about improving the online accessibility, turnaround time, and customer service of the County Clerk’s Office. She is also a mother and wife to an upstanding set of kids and a hard-working husband. Please vote for D’Jean Thompson, and if you have any questions or need clarification then reach out to her or me. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Will Holt

Breckenridge, Texas


Editor’s Note: The Breckenridge Texan does not endorse any candidate in any political race. However, we publish Letters to the Editor written by our readers on a variety of topics, including politics. The inclusion of any Letter to the Editor does not indicate an endorsement by the Breckenridge Texan. The viewpoints presented in the letters are those of the letter writer and not necessarily those of the Breckenridge Texan or its staff members. To submit a Letter to the Editor, send it to

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