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Stephens Memorial Hospital creates new shower room to help prevent patient falls

Stephens Memorial Hospital creates new shower room to help prevent patient falls
August 08
08:40 2021

Earlier this year, Stephens Memorial Hospital converted one of its rooms into a large shower room for patients.

In early 2021, Doug Smith, SMH Chief Financial Officer and then-interim CEO, asked SMH’s maintenance crew to create the new shower room after looking into patient falls and the ability for patients to safely access the existing bathrooms.

The typical bathroom doorways are narrow and the rooms are small, making it difficult for nursing staff to assist patients in the restroom and the shower.

“The new shower room is spacious and provides ample room for staff to assist patients safely, thus reducing falls and increasing patients’ access to a nice shower experience,” Chris Curtis, SMH Director of Business Development, said in an email. “We are fortunate here at SMH to have a maintenance staff that can take a store room and turn it in to an absolutely amazing place to take care of our patients. Even in the middle of a pandemic, we are constantly looking at ways to improve the quality of care we provide to our patients.”

The hospital has recently been implementing several upgrades throughout the facility, including upgrading the air conditioning in patient rooms, installing a new heart/cardiac monitoring system and replacing the nurse call system. Click here to read the Breckenridge Texan’s recent story on those renovations.

The new patient bathroom at Stephens Memorial Hospital was created to help reduce patient falls and increase patient access to a spacious bathroom area.   (Photo courtesy of Stephens Memorial Hospital)


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