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Breckenridge featured in ‘Tales from an Empty Nest’ website

Breckenridge featured in ‘Tales from an Empty Nest’ website
March 21
15:19 2021

By Carla McKeown/Breckenridge Texan

When Steve Howen and his wife, M’Lissa Howen, found they had some extra time on their hands after their daughters left home, they made a plan to see the great state of Texas — all of it.

For the past couple of years, they’ve been making trips from their home in Waco and have visited 114 of Texas’ 254 counties. The stories of their travels are detailed on their website, Tales from an Empty Nest, which includes a post about Breckenridge, “Boomtowns and Buckaroos.”

Steve says they’ve been to Breckenridge four times, and in the post he writes about visiting Breckenridge and Albany on a “sleepy Saturday morning.” This is the impression the communities left on the couple: “Breckenridge and Albany probably provided the starting place for the J.R. Ewings of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They maintain some of that rough and tumble charm today, a place where the Texas trifecta of oil boomtowns, cattle drives and ‘Friday Night Lights’ high school football are much more real than on TV dramas. We loved it…”

Steve goes on to include some of Stephens County’s history and gives the reader a brief tour around town, featuring photos of the courthouse, downtown businesses, the high school and more.

He wraps up the section on Breckenridge with this sentiment, “For those traveling State Highway 180 and not in need of a gas or rest stop, Breckenridge may pass by in a matter of minutes. That is a shame; a little observation reveals gigantic slices of Texan and American history, not to mention some quality architecture and enchanting murals. Manifest destiny and the fuel for American industry are part of Breckenridge’s story, sleepy Saturday morning or not.”

Check out Steve’s post, “Boomtowns and Buckaroos” on his website, “Tales from an Empty Nest.”

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