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NewsMatch to double donations to Breckenridge Texan through Dec. 31

NewsMatch to double donations to Breckenridge Texan through Dec. 31
December 30
11:50 2020

Dear Breckenridge Texan Readers,

What a year this has been! We were already in the midst of a major election cycle, in addition to our regular activities, when the worldwide coronavirus pandemic made its way to Breckenridge, changing the way many of us live our daily lives.

It has been a year that made it abundantly clear to us at the Breckenridge Texan that the work we do here as community journalists is very much needed. Too often, we are lulled into thinking that everyone already knows everything that’s going on in a small town. But, the reality is, between the gossip and the rumors, the important stuff tends to get lost.

Many times during the past year, you – our readers – have contacted us, requesting information about things going on in the community. And, we’ve responded with hundreds of stories, including news articles, photo galleries, obituaries, sports reports, breaking news updates, calendar events and much more. As we’ve worked to keep the community informed, we are thankful to you for helping us stay on top of everything and letting us know what’s going on throughout Stephens County.

When we launched the Breckenridge Texan a little more than three years ago, part of our mission was to provide accurate, high-quality, current, local journalism to the residents of Breckenridge, Texas, and the surrounding area. That mission drives everything that we do here.

We chose to create the Breckenridge Texan as a non-profit so that we could provide the news for free and make it accessible to everyone in the community. Because the Breckenridge Texan is a non-profit news organization, we rely not only on advertisements from local businesses but also on donations from our readers and others in order to keep providing the news.

Every donation helps, and for the next two days, every donation helps twice as much. The Breckenridge Texan is participating in a fundraising drive called News Match, through which donations made to the Breckenridge Texan will be matched. That means if you donate $100, the Breckenridge Texan will get $200.

In order to be included in the matching program, donations need to be made before midnight on Thursday, Dec. 31. Click here to go to the Breckenridge Texan’s NewsMatch page and make a donation.

Whether you can help out with a donation, a news tip or your continued readership, we are grateful for your support and wish you and yours a peaceful holiday and a happy new year.


Tony Pilkington and Carla McKeown

Breckenridge Texan



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