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Breckenridge YMCA episode of ‘Expedition Texas’ now available online

Breckenridge YMCA episode of ‘Expedition Texas’ now available online
December 07
12:06 2020

Breckenridge’s old YMCA building is the star of the show in a recent episode of “Expedition Texas,” and the 20-minute documentary is now available for viewing online.

This morning, Bob Mauldin, the host and director of “Expedition Texas,” posted the episode on the show’s YouTube channel. In the video, Breckenridge Mayor Bob Sims takes Mauldin on a tour of the building, from the top floor to the basement.

The show originally aired on The CW and Heartland TV networks on Nov. 14.

Click here to read more about the “Expedition Texas” visit to Breckenridge to tour the old YMCA and interview local citizens about the building, which was a hub of activity at one time in history. The Breckenridge Texan was on the scene as the documentary crew explored the building; click here to see Tony Pilkington’s Photo Gallery.

While in Breckenridge, the show’s crew interviewed McKenly Roberts and Axel Puebla, who, along with Liberty Blades, worked on a project in 2019 to beautify and improve the security of the old building. Their work included repairing and/or replacing windows, doors and light fixtures, and cleaning up the rooms on the first floor.

“Expedition Texas” also interviewed several local citizens who remember attending various events at the YMCA through its various stages of use over the years.

Cameraman Jeff Miller, center, adjusts McKenly Roberts’ microphone while “Expedition Texas” host Bob Mauldin, right, prepares to interview McKenly and Axel Puebla, left, for an episode of the documentary show about Breckenridge’s old YMCA building. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Cutline, top photo: Breckenridge Mayor Bob Sims, center right, shakes hands with “Expedition Texas” host Bob Mauldin outside the old YMCA building. Cameramen Ryan Mauldin and Jeff Miller captured the scene for the documentary, which is now available for viewing on YouTube. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

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