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Local business owner provides shade for local police officers

Local business owner provides shade for local police officers
December 03
07:53 2020

By Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan

Earlier this year, as summer approached, Ike Pesch, owner of Shady Business Window Tinting and Paint Correction in Breckenridge, approached Breckenridge Police Officer Brandon Berkley about tinting the windows in their police vehicles to help them beat the upcoming summer heat.

“He said, ‘Hey, appreciate what you guys do for the community. I want to help y’all out any way I can. I noticed some of your vehicles, do not have tinted windows and I’d like to tint those for y’all free of charge,’” Berkley recounted.  “He said, ‘It’s fixing to get really hot. And you know, I want you guys to be more comfortable and shaded and have a cool spot to get into.’”

Having the front windows tinted this summer was a real game changer for the Breckenridge Police Department officers, Berkley said. A lot of their cars come with the back windows factory-tinted, but even with a good air conditioner, he said, it can still get really hot inside the car during the summer heat.

During a 12-hour shift, Berkley said, an officer out on patrol in their vehicle, in and out on calls, can probably spend seven to eight hours of that in their vehicle.

In addition to keeping the vehicles cool while the officers are on patrol, the tinting also helps keep the vehicles cool when they are parked in the sun and helps prevent damage to the vehicles interior.

“The sun does horrible things to your dash and your seats,” Berkley said. “So having those windows tinted  also prolongs the life and how well our cars are holding up.”

Berkely said Pesch has already finished tinting four of the six vehicles he planned to tint, and they took a break because Pesch got busy and the department got busy. They have plans to tint a police cruiser and the Animal Control Vehicle.


Cutline, top photo: Breckenridge Police Officer Brandon Berkley peers through a tinted window on one of the departments patrol vehicles. Ike Pesch’s company, Shady Business Window Tinting and Paint Correction, tinted the windows on four BPD vehicles earlier this year. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

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