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Letter to the Editor: Candidate for Sheriff addresses allegations by opponent

October 30
09:14 2020

Well, my opponent and her pawns are at it again. You will likely be seeing a mail-out from my opponent’s campaign in the next few days. My opponent has been unable to discredit me after MANY attempts, so her campaign has resorted to manufacturing their own information. The mail-out reports several allegations against me. While I still refuse to engage in the same tactics that my opponent repeatedly uses, I felt the need to issue this statement as these allegations are without merit.

There have been numerous civil lawsuits filed alleging I have engaged in criminal activity. Each and every civil lawsuit has been rejected by each of the judges with jurisdiction as the allegations have no merit.

My opponent’s campaign alleges that I am under investigation for harassment and stalking. I have NEVER been investigated by any law enforcement agency for any criminal offense.

My opponent’s campaign alleges that I do not have a high school diploma. I do in fact, have a high school diploma. The State of Texas has minimum standards that MUST be met before a person is eligible to be accepted into a state licensed training. The State of Texas has issued me three different licenses as I have surpassed the minimum requirement to be eligible to obtain these licenses, including a high school diploma. Texas Christian University also accepted me into the TCU Ranch Management Program. Once again, a high school diploma was required for acceptance into TCU, and I graduated the TCU Ranch Management Program at the top of my class.

My opponent alleges that I failed to meet educational requirements for 4 years. While there is a shred of truth in this allegation, it is intentionally misleading. As many of you know, I was a reserve deputy for several years while I worked full time in the ranch industry. In the year 2014, I failed to attend a training that was required by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). I was reprimanded by TCOLE for not attending the class and notified that if I did not attend the training that my Peace Officer License would be suspended. I promptly attended the training and have not had any other reprimands in my 22 years of maintaining a license issued by the State of Texas.

Once again, I ask that you see and understand that these allegations are more desperate attempts of my opponent’s campaign to influence the election. I ask for your continued support and vote in my attempt to serve you as Sheriff of Stephens County.

Signed, Kevin Roach


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