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Stephens County Sheriff’s Office Summary for March 9-28

Stephens County Sheriff’s Office Summary for March 9-28
March 31
18:00 2020

Sheriff’s Summary

Calls for Service: 72
Civil Papers Successfully Served: 10
Inmates Currently Housed: 17

March 9

  • A deputy transported a male inmate of Stephens County Jail to a Texas Department of Criminal Justice unit near Abilene.
  • The Sheriff’s Office contacted two wanted people at the intersection of North Harvey Avenue and West Fifth Street. They were wanted for theft. The wanted female was arrested and also charged for being in Possession of Marijuana. The wanted male was arrested and only booked on the warrant.

March 10

  • A theft of multiple laptops was reported from a residence on CR 256.A deputy began investigating and had two laptops recovered by the end of the day. The investigation continues.

March 12

  • A deputy transported a juvenile from the courthouse to the Taylor County Juvenile Detention Center after a court order.
  • A deputy transported an inmate of Stephens County Jail to the Walker Sayle Unit.

March 15

  • A deputy assisted Breckenridge Police Department on a high speed chase throughout the north-central part of Breckenridge. The suspect crashed and was arrested.

March 20

  • A deputy responded to a family violence report that was mobile in the area of West Seventh Street. A victim and a suspect were identified. The investigation is on-going.

March 24

  • A man who lives on CR 260 requested a Criminal Trespass Warning against a female due to past problems between them. The CTW was issued.
  • A deputy drove to Abilene to transport a juvenile back to Stephens County for court. After the hearing, a different deputy transported the juvenile to Garza County Juvenile Detention Center.

March 27

  • A delayed report of mail theft was made from a resident who lives on CR 270.

March 28

  • Deputies were dispatched to a family violence call on CR 2044. After the initial investigation, a male was arrested for assault family violence against his wife.

Note from the Sheriff: The Sheriff’s Office spent many resources over the last two weeks preparing for the spread of COVID-19. These concerned the jail, the Law Enforcement Center, and personnel.

 Calls for service include but are not limited to: 911 calls, non-emergency calls, registering sex offenders, traffic accidents/hazards, transporting prisoners and juveniles in and out of the county, mental hospital transports, court security, and some types of proactive calls.

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