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Letter to Editor: Reader supports Glenn Rogers

February 24
06:27 2020

Stephens County Voters—

On March 3rd we vote on who our State Representative will be for District 60, Dr. Glenn Rogers or Jon Francis. In looking at the candidates, they share many of the same beliefs that I hold dear. Both are strong Pro-Life!! Both support our gun rights!! Both are strong in their Biblical beliefs of right and wrong!! Both are fiscally Conservative!!

However, there is a big difference in one area, and that one difference is why I support Dr. Glenn Rogers. That difference is autonomy. Glenn does not answer to anyone but his own conscience. I have known Glenn for over 20 years, and his integrity, honesty, intelligence and ability is unquestioned. He is not running for someone else, but for us!! He is independent, conservative, level headed and steady. He will represent rural Texas, and our area and state will be bettered by his service.

Join me in voting for a good man.

Carl Everett
Breckenridge, Texas

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