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Stephens County Junior Livestock Show wraps up with Showman award, buckle presentation

Stephens County Junior Livestock Show wraps up with Showman award, buckle presentation
January 12
12:23 2020

The competition portion of the 2020 Stephens County Junior Livestock Show and Sale wrapped up with the sixth annual Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award on Saturday, Jan. 11, at the Stephens County Agriculture and Community Center.

This year’s SCJLS took place Jan. 9-11 and included more than 100 local youth who competed in 53 classes.

Immediately following the competition, the awards and belt buckles were presented to the various winners from the three-day event.

The winners from the three-day Stephens County Junior Livestock Show were presented with their belt buckles on Saturday morning, Jan. 11, following the Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award

McKenly Roberts, who showed cattle in the stock show, won the Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award.

The Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award contest includes the senior showmanship winners from the SCJLS divisions of rabbit, sheep, goat, swine and cattle. Participants may only win the award one time.

In the contest, each exhibitor must show a rabbit, sheep, goat, swine and steer/heifer, regardless of which category they originally won in. The contestants often borrow the other animals from their friends and fellow exhibitors and seek out advice on showing the animals they are not accustomed to showing.

Tanner Winter judged the competition, as well as most of the categories in the SCJLS.

The contestants in the 2020 Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award competition were:

  • Addison Street — Sheep Division Senior Showmanship winner
  • Kayla Wood — Rabbit Division Senior Showmanship winner
  • Sydney Garland — Goat Division Senior Showmanship winner
  • Landree Wade — Swine Division Senior Showmanship winner
  • McKenly Roberts — Cattle Division Senior Showmanship winner

The award is named after the late Jacob Jackson, who died in 2014 at the age of 33. The award was first given out in 2015, and it was presented to Roberts by Tye Jackson and Addalyn Jackson, Jacob’s brother and young daughter.

The Herdsman Award

The Herdsman Award is named after the late George Blackburn, a former Stephens County Extension Agent.

To be a herdsman applicant, the stock show exhibitors had to sign up to participate and then write an essay, complete their record book and be interviewed by a committee. The winners received belt buckles.

The winners of the 2020 George Blackburn Memorial Herdsman Awards are:

  • Senior Poultry Herdsman – Hannah Moreno
  • Junior Rabbit Herdsman – Payton Ritter
  • Senior Rabbit Herdsman – McKayden Ritter
  • Junior Sheep Herdsman – Joni Jackson
  • Junior Goat Herdsman – Providence Ezell
  • Senior Goat Herdsman – Sydney Garland
  • Junior Swine Herdsman – Kason Burchett
  • Senior Swine Herdsman – Jesse VanMeter
  • Junior Cattle Herdsman – Miley Roberts
  • Senior Cattle Herdsman – McKenly Roberts

Rabbit Division

The 62nd annual Stephens County Junior Livestock Show started with the Rabbit Division on Thursday evening, Jan. 9.

The competition was judged by Paula Courtney of Wisconsin.

Here is a complete list of the Rabbit Division winners:

Senior Showmanship: Kayla Wood
Junior Showmanship: Cabel Perkins
Rabbit Born and Bred: Cabel Perkins

Breeding Rabbits
Class 1 – New Zealand Bucks – 1. Glen Thibodeaux; 2. Payton Ritter; 3. Paisley Thibodeaux; 4. Collom Perkins
Class 2 – New Zealand Doe – 1. Jaxon Escalon; 2. McKayden Ritter; 3. Payton Ritter; 4. McKayden Ritter; 5. Payton Ritter
 Class 3 – California Satins – Beverens Bucks– 1. Cabel Perkins; 2. McKayden Ritter; 3. Payton Ritter; 4. Laney Thibodeaux
Class 4 –– California Satins – Beverens Doe – 1. Collum Perkins; 2. Cabel Perkins; 3. Cabel Perkins; 4. Payton Ritter
Class 5 –– Mini Satin – Rex – Polish – Mini Rex Bucks – 1. Jaxon Hubble; 2. Jaxon Hubble; 3. Kaitlyn Crook; 4. Tyler Valdez; 5 Rebecca Melton
Class 6 –– Mini Satin – Rex – Polish – Mini Rex Doe – 1. Hannah Valdez; 2. Jaxon Hubble; 3. Brittney Melton; 4. Kaitlyn Crook
Class 7 –– Mini Lops – Tans Bucks – 1. Jaxon Hubble; 2. Rebekah Moreno; 3. Jaxon Hubble; 4. Sarah Moreno; 5. Garrett Hubble
Class 8 –– Mini Lops – Tans Doe – 1. Jaxon Hubble; 2. Garrett Hubble; 3. Rebekah Moreno; 4. Hannah Moreno; 5. Natham Tatum

Grand Champion Doe: Jaxon Escalon
Reserve Champion Doe: Collom Perkins
Grand Champion Buck: Cabel Perkins
Reserve Champion Buck: Jaxon Hubble
Best of Show: Jaxon Escalon
Reserve Best of Show: Collom Perkins

Market Rabbits

Class 9 – 1. Kayla Wood; 2. Emily Presley; 3. Faith Walker; 4. Cabel Perkins; 5. Kasey Walker; 6. Blaze Berkley
Class 10 – 1. Kinley Kanady; 2. McKayden Ritter; 3. Kaisan Thompson; 4. Olyvia Perez; 5. Parks Gill
Class 11 – 1. Collom Perkins; 2. Cabel Perkins; 3. Desirae Perez; 4. Magdalynn Paul
Class 12 – 1. Haigen Thompson; 2. McKayden Ritter; 3. Payton Ritter; 4. Payton Ritter

Grand Champion Pen of Rabbits: Collom Perkins
Reserve Champion Pen of Rabbits: Cabel Perkins

Poultry Division

Day two of the livestock show began with the Poultry Division. This year’s show featured five students with 10 poultry pen entries.

Chris Beard judged the competition Friday morning, Jan. 10.

The results of the poultry competition are listed below:

Class 13 – 1. Collom Perkins; 2. Cabel Perkins; 3. Cabel Perkins; 4. Collom Perkins
Class 14– 1. Hannah Moreno; 2. Chloe Pugh; 3. Cali Griffin; 4. Cali Griffin
Class 15 – 1. Chloe Pugh; 2. Hannah Moreno

Grand Champion – Pen of Poultry: Chloe Pugh
Reserve Champion – Pen of Poultry: Hannah Moreno

Sheep Division

The Sheep Division followed the rabbits with Tanner Winter judging.

The results of the Sheep Division are as follows:

Senior Showmanship: Addison Street
Junior Showmanship: Romney Hill
Born & Bred Lamb: Addison Street — Breeder: Hurley Boles Family

Breeding Ewe

Class 16 – Medium Wool – 1. Elle Jackson; 2. Joni Jackson; 3. Emily Welch
Class 17 – Hair – 1. Trinity Blackman

Grand Champion Breeding Ewe: Elle Jackson
Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe: Trinity Blackman

Market Sheep
Class 18 — Fine Wool — 1. Kason Knight; 2. Romney Hill
Class 19 – Fine Wool Cross — 1. Romney Hill
Class 20— Southdown — 1. Romney Hill
Class 21 — Medium Wool — 1. Kason Knight
Class 22 — Medium Wool — 1. Romney Hill; 2. Rylan Sims; 3. Joni Jackson.
Class 23 — Medium Wool — 1. Kason Knight; 2. Addison Street; 3. Rylan Sims
Class 24 — Medium Wool – 1. Collom Perkins; 2. Elle Jackson
Class 25 — Hair — 1. Trinity Blackman

Grand Champion Market Lamb: Kason Knight
Reserve Champion Market Lamb: Addison Street
Champion Medium Wool Market Lamb: Kason Knight
Reserve Champion Medium Wool Market Lamb: Addison Street

Goat Division

For the third year in a row, Caroline Turner took home the award for the Grand Champion Market Goat SCJLS. Addison Duncan won the Grand Champion Breeding Goat award. Sydney Garland received the Senior Goat Showmanship Award, as well as the Reserve Champion awards for both the breeding goats and the market goats.

Tanner Winter was the judge of the competition.

The results of the Goat Division are as follows:

Senior Goat Showmanship: Sydney Garland
Junior Goat Showmanship: Providence Ezell
Born and Bred Goat: Sydney Garland; Breeder – 6G Show Goats

Goats — Breeding
Class 26 — Breeding — 1. Providence Ezell
Class 27 — Breeding — 1. Sydney Garland; 2. Providence Ezell; 3. Audra Wimberley
Class 28 — Breeding — 1. Addison Duncan; 2. ShyAnn Wickson; 3. Ashlyn Owen
Class 29 — Breeding — 1. Ezekial Castillo; 2. Mia Castillo; 3. Bry Armstrong

Grand Champion Breeding Goat: Addison Duncan
Reserve Champion Breeding Goat: Sydney Garland

Goats — Market
Class 30 — Market — 1. Addison Duncan
Class 31 — Market — 1. Caroline Turner; 2. Blake Power; 3. Gavyn Wilson
Class 32 — Market — 1. Sydney Garland; 2. Sydney Garland; 3. Caroline Turner

Grand Champion Market Goat: Caroline Turner
Reserve Champion Market Goat: Sydney Garland

Swine Division

The Swine Division of the 2020 Stephen County Junior Livestock Show was the largest category with almost 40 students showing more than 60 animals.

Tanner Winter was the judge, and the results were as follows:

 Senior Swine Showmanship: Landree Wade
Junior Swine Showmanship: Adison Nowak
Born and Bred Market Hog: Kaitlyn Wilson; Breeder: Rockin U Show Pigs

Class 33 – Market Gilts-Duroc – 1. Mylie Patterson; 2. Chloe Pugh; 3. Larry Huitt
Class 34 – Market Gilts-Hamp  – 1. Cara Schkade; 2. Owen Woodward; 3. Thomas Hamilton
Class 35 – Market Gilts-Hamp  – 1. Caiden Gonzales; 2. Rylan Dabney; 3. Jack McKay; 4. Bailey Boles
Class 36 – Market Gilts-Cross – 1. Chandler Blevins; 2. Jackson Woodward; 3. Caiden Gonzales; 4. Jadyn Schkade; 5. Thomas Hamilton
Class 37 – Market Gilts-Cross – 1. Landree Wade; 2. Parker Wade; 3. Daylen Alford; 4. Landon Riddle; 5. Luke Pennington
Class 38 – Market Gilts-Cross – 1. Jesse VanMeter; 2. Daylen Alford; 3. Mylie Patterson; 4. Collom Perkins

Grand Champion Gilt: Jesse VanMeter
Reserve Champion Gilt: Caiden Gonzales
Champion Gilt Duroc: Mylie Patterson
Reserve Champion Gilt Duroc: Chloe Pugh
Champion Gilt Hamp: Caiden Gonzales
Reserve Champion Gilt Hamp: Cara Schkade
Champion Gilt Cross: Jesse VanMeter
Reserve Champion Gilt Cross: Landree Wade

Class 39 – Market Barrows-Black OPB – 1. Jesse VanMeter; 2. Chandler Blevins; 3. Bailey Boles
Class 40 – Market Barrows-Duroc – 1. Landon Riddle; 2. Kaitlyn Wilson; 3. Kassidy Whitaker
Class 41 – Market Barrows-Duroc – 1. Daylen Alford; 2. Rachel Burchett; 3. Hudson Woodward; 4. Addison Duncan
Class 42 – Market Barrows-Hamp – 1. Caiden Gonzales; 2. Mylie Patterson; 3. Blake Campbell
Class 43 – Market Barrows-Hamp – 1. Adison Nowak; 2. Kason Burchett; 3. Kerstyn Kelly; 4. Jack McKay
Class 44 – Market Barrows-York – 1. Emily Morin; 2. Larry Huitt; 3. Jack McKay; 4. Preston Campbell
Class 45 – Market Barrows-Cross – 1. Parker Wade; 2. Rachel Burchett; 3. Christopher Otts; 4. Rylen Dabney; 5. Hudson Woodward
Class 46 – Market Barrows-Cross – 1. Adalyn Nowak; 2. Chloe Pugh; 3. LaKyla Bartley; 4. Landree Wade; 5. Kason Burchett; 6. Jack McKay; 7. Ayden Hernandez; 8. Hunter Clayton
Class 47 – Market Barrows-Cross – 1. Jesse VanMeter; 2. Owen Woodward; 3. Mylie Patterson; 4. Daylen Alford

Grand Champion Market Hog: Adalyn Nowak
Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog: Jesse VanMeter
Champion Barrow Black OPB: Jesse VanMeter
Reserve Champion Barrow Black OPB: Chandler Blevins
Champion Barrow Duroc: Landon Riddle
Reserve Champion Barrow Duroc: Kaitlyn Wilson
Champion Barrow Hamp: Adison Nowak
Reserve Champion Barrow Hamp: Kason Burchett
Champion Barrow York : Emily Morin
Reserve Champion Barrow York: Larry Huitt
Champion Barrow Cross: Adalyn Nowak
Reserve Champion Barrow Cross: Jesse VanMeter

Cattle Division

 The final livestock contest was the Cattle Division on Friday evening, Jan. 10.

Tanner Winter judged the competition, which had nine participants.

The results were:

Senior Cattle Showmanship: McKenly Roberts
Junior Cattle Showmanship: Kadynce Kennedy

Breeding Heifers

Class 48 – American Heifers – 1. Chloe Pugh
Class 49 — English Heifers — 1. Kadynce Kennedy; 2. Miley Roberts; 3. McKenly Roberts
Class 50 — English Heifers — 1. Abigail Otts
Class 51 — Exotic Heifers — 1. Jacob Escalon
Class 52— Exotic Heifers — 1. Isabelle Biddison; 2. Cabel Perkins; 3. Riegen Robertson

Grand Champion Heifer: Isabelle Biddison
Reserve Champion Heifer: Kadynce Kennedy
Champion American Heifer: Chloe Pugh
Champion English Heifer: Kadynce Kennedy
Reserve Champion English Heifer: Miley Roberts
Champion Exotic Heifer: Isabelle Biddison
Reserve Champion Exotic Heifer: Jacob Escalon

Market Steer
Class 53 — Steers — 1. Kadynce Kennedy

Grand Champion Market Steer: Kadynce Kennedy

Floral Design and Ag Mechanics

 Although most of the Stephens County Junior Livestock Show deals directly with the raising and then showing of the animals, from rabbits to cattle, two of the competitions are a little different – the Floral Design Contest and the Agriculture Mechanics Contest. Both of those highlight other skills the students have.

The Floral Design Contest was an on-site design competition for the 18 participants.

The students were provided with flowers, containers and tools with which to design a centerpiece that would be appropriate for a black tie gala for the National Cattleman’s Association. Each of the contestants could choose their own container and well as some of the extra floral pieces that were available. They had 60 minutes to decide on the style of their design and to create the centerpiece.

Halfway through their design time, they were given a surprise assignment to also design a boutonniere for the same event.

The entries were judged by Teena Wickson and Shayla Speck of The Bouquet in Breckenridge.

The Floral Design contest results were:

Grand Champion: Brittany Roberts
Reserve Champion: Rebecca  Melton
Third Place Overall: Jacob Escalon
Fourth Place Overall: Kolton Myers
Fifth Place Overall: Addison Street

The Ag Mechanics projects are divided into two categories – Farm Project and Recreation Project. They are judged on such categories as workmanship, design and materials, degree of difficulty, student’s knowledge of the project and more.

The results of the Ag Mechanics contest were:

Grand Champion Overall – Chandler Blevins
Reserve Champion Overall – Ethan Flournoy
Grand Champion-Recreation – Kason Knight


Story by Carla McKeown/Breckenridge Texan; results provided by the Stephens County Junior Livestock Show and Sale

Cutline, top photo: McKenly Roberts is congratulated by judge Tanner Winter as the winner of the Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

The Breckenridge Texan will have more photos from the livestock show soon.

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