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TSTC celebrates National Hamburger Day

TSTC celebrates National Hamburger Day
May 29
17:59 2019

Texas State Technical College-Breckenridge celebrated National Hamburger Day with a hamburger lunch for students, staff and administrators on Tuesday, May 28.

According to an article on the Food & Wine magazine website, the hamburger may have its origins in the 1st century AD when the Romans created a “ground- (minced-) meat dish contained pine nuts, pepper, and flavorings of wine and garum.”

The same article credits Oscar Weber Wilby of Bowden, Oklahoma, with the first documented appearance of flame-grilled beef patties in a sourdough bun, created by Wilby and his wife Fanny to celebrate the Fourth of July in 1891.

This photo and top photo: TSTC students and staff enjoy a hamburger lunch in honor of National Hamburger Day. (Photos by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

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