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Local Boy Scouts present first award in re-established troop

Local Boy Scouts present first award in re-established troop
February 18
16:20 2019

Breckenridge’s re-established Boy Scout Troop 63 reached a milestone on Sunday evening when it awarded its first Scout badge since the group became active again.

During a ceremony held in front of the troop’s Scout Hut, Ellis Hise was awarded the badge by his father, Matthew Hise, the troop’s Scout Master. The Scout badge is the first badge Scouts earn after joining the Scouts.

“When the scouts actually register they’re just scouts,” said Brian Kight assistant troop master. “Then there’s the Scout rank, which is the very first one. Then it goes Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life all the way up to Eagle, which is the top rank.”

Kight said two other scouts in the troop, brothers Brysen and Reyse Hash, have just a few more requirements to complete and they will be awarded the Scout rank.

Troop 63’s rich history

After a rich history in Breckenridge, Troop 63 had been dormant for a few years. Then in June 2018, it was announced at the Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet that the troop would be restarted and Hise would serve as the Scoutmaster and Kight as the Assistant Scoutmaster.

At the banquet, George Niebling, a district executive for the Texas Trails Council of the Boy Scouts of America, said Troop 63 has a long history in Breckenridge. He said former Scoutmaster Frank Pellizzari was renowned for his ability to help boys along the trail to Eagle Scout to receive the highest and most recognized award for youth in the United States.

Troop activities

The troop will reach another milestone on Saturday when they go hiking. It will be the troop’s first outing since it was re-established.

Kight said that during recent meetings they’ve been working with the scouts, getting them ready for the outings, learning about the outdoors, safety and scouting, but the hiking trip will be their first outing as a troop.

“We’ve done a lot of things here (at the meetings),” Kight said.  “But this coming Saturday, we’re going to Mineral Wells State Park, and that’s going to be our actual first hike where we’ve gotten them out doing stuff. And then we’re going to try do something every month thereafter. That’s part of the thing with scouting, they push having something every month, getting out and doing something. We’ve just essentially been getting these boys up to speed. We’re going to start doing that more and more.”

Growing the troop

Kight said they are still actively working to grow the troop and recruit new scouts. He said they will pick up some new scouts in the troop when the local Cub Scouts packs have their Bridging Ceremony later this year. And, he and Hise will be getting out and working with other organizations and former Boy Scouts in the community to recruit scouts.

He said he hopes that as the word spreads about the activities troop is doing it will attract other boys to join the troop.

“They’ll go back to school and they’ll talk it up and say this is what we did this weekend, things like that, and I think that’ll help spread their news amongst them and get some excitement going, rather than just me and Mathew going in and talking to a room full of kids,” he said.

Kight said they are grateful for the support from community organizations, such as the local Rotary Club, which sponsors Troop 63.

Troop 63 Scout Master Matthew Hise helps scouts Brysen Hash (left) and Reyse Hash during a flag folding ceremony after they took down the flag at a troop meeting on Sunday. Scout Ellis Hise is pictured in the back. (Photo by Tony Pilkington)

Story by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan

Cutline, top photo: Matthew Hise, scoutmaster for Troop 63 pins the Scout badge on his son Ellis during a ceremony on Sunday evening in front of the troop’s scout hut. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)  

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