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Alyssa Reyes crowned 2019 Buckaroo Queen

Alyssa Reyes crowned 2019 Buckaroo Queen
January 27
10:14 2019

Continuing a tradition that has been going on for more than nine decades, Alyssa Reyes was crowned the 2019 Buckaroo Queen by Great Lord Chamberlain Marvin Phillips in Breckenridge High School’s 94th Coronation on Saturday night, Jan. 26.

The ceremony, which took place in BHS’s Bailey Auditorium, included the Royal Court of BHS’s class favorites, homecoming court and each student organization’s sweethearts and beaus. Entertainment was provided by their classmates.

Those participating included:

The train-bearers, crown-bearer and flower-bearer lead the way for Buckaroo Queen Alyssa Reyes to make her entrance during Saturday night’s BHS Coronation. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Buckaroo Queen: Alyssa Reyes
Great Lord Chamberlain: Marvin Phillips
Best All-Around: Landry Woodward and Angel Ruiz
Most Popular: Carly Tennison and Diego Arellano
Senior Favorites: Annakate Rodgers and Kyler Knight
Homecoming Queen: Miriam Diaz
Homecoming King: Fernando Duron
Junior Class Favorites: Angelina Ruiz and Tristan Garcia
Sophomore Favorites: Caroline Turner and Evan Moore
Freshman Favorites: Jimena Palacios and Isaak Eutimo
Senior Homecoming Court: Jaynae Mendez and Kevin Franco
Senior Homecoming Court: Madi Warren and Lane Berkley
Senior Homecoming Court: Grace Nicklas and Jimmy Mckay
Senior Homecoming Court: Sophia Moun and Eric Valdez
Junior Homecoming: Layni Hinson and Jaydon Cooper
Sophomore Homecoming: Hannah Pennartz and Jonathan Trejo
Freshman Homecoming: Samantha Smalley and Julian Eutimo

Buckaroo Queen Alyssa Reyes, Great Lord Chamberlain and their attendants pose for photos by family and friends after the BHS Coronation on Saturday. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

NHS Sweetheart: Morgan Hash
NHS Beau: Zachary Smith
STUCO Sweetheart: Jaxon Adams
STUCO Beau: Axel Puebla
FFA Sweetheart: Jasie Poindexter
FFA Beau: Braden Campbell
Buckaroo Theatre Sweetheart: Marisa Gonzalez
Buckaroo Theatre Beau: Jaylen Harper
Band Sweetheart: Samantha Heatley
Band Beau: Isaac Duran
Band Drum Major: Ashlee Norman
Band Drum Major: Kolton Myers
Band Drum Major: Angelina Gutierrez
Band Representative: Alexander Cooper
Yearbook Sweetheart: Jordan Miller
Yearbook Beau: Quentin Matthews
FCCLA Sweetheart: Mia Hughins
FCCLA Beau: Ivan Arias
Cheer Sweetheart: Yvette Galan
Football Beau: D’Andrey Silva
PALS Sweetheart: Morgan Robertson
PALS Beau: Luis Ortiz

Landry Woodward, right, sings “Mad Man Across Water” while D’Andrey Silva accompanies her on the guitar. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Trainbearers: Aubrey Reyes and Rilyn Yanez
Crown-bearer: Javien Rodriguez
Flower-Bearer: Noe Ryon Reyes

Masters of Ceremonies: Addison Dickenson and Alias Maya

Head Usher: Meriah Jaramillo
Senior Ushers: Lance Byrd, Noelia Lozano, Kelton Wylie and Alexi Fernandez
Junior Ushers: Jacob Hernandez, Madison Stanley, Rolando Gallegos and Mariah Baladez
Sophomore Ushers: Jonas Arellano and Kylee Willis
Freshman Ushers: Ayden Reyes and Jazmine Martinez

Pianist: Kole Tatum
Technicians: Elizabeth Griffith and Jaiden Hitch

Coronation Coordinators: Callie Stenson and Leah Roberson
Special Assistance: Krista Wilcox

The entertainment was provided by:

  • Landry Woodward and D’ Andrey Silva — “Mad Man Across Water”
  • AnnaKate Rodgers and Avery Rodgers — “You Say”
  • Kayla Wood — “Fragile Heart”
  • Addison Dickenson — “She Used to Be Mine”
  • Hannah Pennartz — “At Last”
  • Caroline Turner, Addison Dickenson, and Hannah Pennartz — “Oceans”

The 94th Breckenridge High School Coronation included the presentation of 2019 Buckaroo Queen Alyssa Reyes, Great Lord Chamberlain Marvin Phillips, as well as the Queen’s Court, ushers, attendants and entertainers. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Cutline, top photo: 2019 Buckaroo Queen Alyssa Reyes and Great Lord Chamberlain Marvin Phillips  reigned over the 94th Breckenridge High School Coronation in Bailey Auditorium on Saturday, Jan. 26. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

To see more photos from the 2019 BHS Coronation, click here for the Breckenridge Texan photo gallery.




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