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Crimsen Thompson, Ashlee Anderson take home top rabbit awards

Crimsen Thompson, Ashlee Anderson take home top rabbit awards
January 15
08:39 2019

In the Rabbit Division of the 61st annual Stephens County Junior Livestock Show, Crimsen Thompson won Best of Show for his Breeding Rabbit, and Ashlee Anderson won the Grand Champion Pen of Rabbits in the Market Rabbits division.

Ashlee Anderson, left, and McKayden Ritter won the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion awards, respectively, for their pens of rabbits. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Forty local students had a total of 68 entries in the Rabbit Division, which was judged by Paula Courtney of Wisconsin on Thursday, Jan. 10, at the Stephens County Agriculture and Community Center.

The Rabbit Showmanship competition was judged by Lee Stanley.

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Here is a complete list of the winners:


Senior Showmanship: Baylee Young
Junior Showmanship: McKayden Riter

Breeding Rabbits
Class 1 – California Sr. Bucks – 1. Cabel Perkins; 2. Nathan Tatum; 3. Payton Ritter.
Class 2 – California Sr. Doe – 1. Cabel Perkins; 2. Payton Ritter; 3. Payton Ritter; 4. Kinley Kanady.
 Class 3 – California Jr. Bucks – 1. Kinley Kanady; 2. Collom Perkins.
Class 4 –California Jr. Doe – 1. Cabel Perkins; 2. Collom Perkins; 3. Cabel Perkins.
Class 5 –Mini Lop Bucks – 1. Tyler Valdez; 2. Jaxon Hubble; 3. Garrett Hubble.
Class 6 –Mini Lop Doe – 1. Mackenzie Riddle; 2. Garrett Hubble; 3. Brittney Melton.
Class 7 –– New Zealand Sr. Bucks – 1. Payton Ritter; 2. Payton Ritter.
Class 8 –– New Zealand Sr. Doe – 1. McKayden Ritter; 2. McKayden Ritter.
Class 9 –– New Zealand Jr. Bucks – 1. Collom Perkins; 2. Glen Thibodeaux; 3. Paisley Thibodeaux.
Class 10 – New Zealand Jr. Doe – 1. Collom Perkins; 2. McKayden Ritter; 3. Landry Woodward.
Class 11 – Tan Sr. Bucks – 1. Nathan Tatum; 2. Sarah Moreno.
Class 12 – Tan  Sr. Doe – 1. Nathan Tatum; 2. Hannah Moreno; 3. Rebekah Moreno.
Class 13 – AOB Sr. Bucks – 1. Lane Davis. 2. Jaxon Escalon; 3. Kaitlyn Crook; 4. Hannah Valdez; 5. Cabel Perkins; 6. Luke Riddle; 7. Crimsen Thompson.
Class 14 – AOB Sr. Doe – 1. Crimsen Thompson; 2. Jacob Escalon; 3. Hannah Valdez; 4. Parks Gill; 5. Collom Perkins.
Class 15 – AOB Jr. Bucks – 1. Caroline Turner; 2. Bianca Guillen; 3. Austin Anderson.
Class 15 – AOB Jr. Doe – 1. Jaxon Hubble; 2. Lane Davis; 3. Ashlee Anderson; 4. Hailey Robertson.

Collom Perkins, left, waits for her breeding rabbit to be judged. Her New Zealand Jr. Doe was named Reserve Best of Show. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Champion Californian: Cabel Perkins
Reserve Californian: Cabel Perkins
Champion Mini Lop: Tyler Valdez
Reserve Mini Lop: Mackenzie Riddle
Champion New Zealand: Collum Perkins
Reserve New Zealand: Payton Ritter
Champion Tan: Nathan Tatum
Reserve Tan: Nathan Tatum
Champion AOB: Crmisen Thompson
Reserve AOB: Lane Davis

Overall Grand Champion Doe: Crimsen Thompson
Overall Reserve Champion Doe: Collom Perkins
Overall Grand Champion Buck: Cabel Perkins
Overall Reserve Champion Buck: Payton Ritter
Best of Show: Crimsen Thompson
Reserve Best of Show: Collom Perkins

Market Rabbits
Class 17 – 1. Ashlee Anderson; 2. Austin Anderson; 3. Crimsen Thompson; 4. Layton Anderson.
Class 18 – 1. McKayden Ritter; 2. Blake Lee; 3. Payton Ritter; 4. Cabel Perkins.
Class 19 – 1. Haigan Thompson; 2. Kyler Kanady; 3. Kayla Wood; 4. Jack McKay.
Class 20 – 1. Baylee Young; 2. Kinley Kanady; 3. Laney Thibodeaux; 4. Blaze Berkley.

Grand Champion Pen of Rabbits: Ashlee Anderson
Reserve Champion Pen of Rabbits: McKayden Ritter
Rabbit Born and Bred: Ashlee Anderson, Breeder-Jay Perkins

Cutline, top photo: Crimsen Thompson, left, stands back as rabbit judge Paula Courtney looks at his senior doe, which was named Best of Show in the Breeding Rabbits division. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

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