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Girl Scouts say ‘thanks’ to local voters

Girl Scouts say ‘thanks’ to local voters
November 16
07:34 2018

Breckenridge’s Girl Scout Troop 8356 has been studying the “Inside Government” merit badge and, during the recent election, learned about the importance of voting, laws, taxes and how elected officials impact our community locally, statewide and nationally.

Local Girl Scouts, from front to back, Rihana Fuller, Gabriella Herring, Rylee Fuller and Kodee Crawford, handed out free cookies to voters on Election Day. (Photo Courtesy of Kim Fuller)

According to Troop Leader Kim Fuller, the girls had to decide what being an active citizen means to them, learn about how government works and who helps make decisions that affect them.  They had to learn about laws that impact them and how they are incorporated into their daily lives, find out what is important in their community and why citizens are meeting and talking about those topics, and, finally, to get involved in their community government.

“After going through the multiple steps to earn a badge, Girl Scouts usually complete a Take Action Project to put what they learned into real world context,” Fuller said. “The girls researched and found out that voter turnout is historically low in Stephens County, so they wanted to show appreciation to the voters that did turn up at the polls and cast their votes.”

The girls of Troop 8356 researched why it was important to be a certain distance from the voting entrance and looked up a few of the precinct locations. They decided that it was the safest and most visible location to set up outside of Precinct 3 in the parking lot across from the Chamber of Commerce. After school on Tuesday, Nov. 6, the troop gathered in that location with signs in hand and distributed free Girl Scout Cookies to those who exercised their right to vote.

The girls made a sign thanking everyone for taking time to vote in the election and waved and cheered as cars went by and into the polling location. When people stopped, the girls asked them if they had voted in the election and thanked those that did. They passed out free boxes of cookies and told their visitors they appreciated them being great citizens who chose to get out and vote.

“These young girls are excited to one day be able to cast their vote for their candidate of choice or to implement or change a law in our local community,” Fuller said. “The one thing the girls wanted to share with those that voted in this mid-term election is: ‘Thank you Stephens County for Voting. We are proud that you are active citizens that took the time to come out to cast your vote. It’s important and it affects our future!’”


Cutline, top photo: Members of Girl Scout Troop 8356, from left, Kodee Crawford, Rachel Burchett, Rylee Fuller and Rihana Fuller in front, said “Thanks” to local voters by handing out free Girl Scout cookies on Election Day. (Photo courtesy of Kim Fuller)

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