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BHS students receive scholarships, awards

BHS students receive scholarships, awards
May 21
08:55 2018

Breckenridge High School students, faculty, staff and administration gathered Friday morning, along with family, friends and community members for the 2018 awards ceremony.

Thousands of dollars in scholarships were given to students, and the Buckaroo Awards for Academic Excellence were awarded. Additionally, those students who have qualified for state competitions this year were honored.

Buckaroo Award for Academic Excellence

The Buckaroo Award for Academic Excellence is earned by students taking honors classes and maintaining a specific GPA. Freshmen and sophomores must take at least one honors class and have a 3.5 GPA. Juniors must take at least two honors classes and have a 3.6 GPA, and seniors must take at least two honors classes and have a 3.65 GPA.

This year’s Buckaroo Awards for Academic Excellence were given to the following:

Maria Alvarado, Samantha Andis, Kally Atchison, Kayla Duran, Elyssa Glick, Knightlin Haley, Mackenzie Harris, Maegan Hatchett, Claudia Mendoza, Makenna Moser, Madeline Pennartz and Anna Pilkington

Diego Arellano, Griffin Flournoy, Yvette Galan, Morgan Hash, Samantha Heatley, Blake Lee, Alyssa Reyes, AnnaKate Rodgers, Zachary Smith, Carly Tennison and Kelton Wylie

Liberty Blades, Kaitlyn Crook, Rolando Gallegos, Tristan Garcia, Bianca Guillen, Rylee Holcomb, Mia Hughins, Calista Lambert, Aaliyah Lawson, Kolton Myers, Christopher Otts, Axel Puebla, Anna Reaugh, McKenly Roberts, Madison Stanley, Hannah Valdez and Owen Woodward

Jonas Arellano, Nathaniel Barrera, Shaden Bills, Emily Brannon, Nayeli Hernandez, Rosalba Marentes, Evan Moore, Alexis Navarro, Hannah Pennartz, Ashley Reyes, Riegen Robertson, Henry Satterwhite, Jonathan Trejo, Melissa Tvrdik and Kayla Wood


The scholarships and recipients were:

Makenna Moser, the BHS 2018 Valedictorian, received some of the many scholarships awarded Friday. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Valedictorian by First National Bank
Makenna Gayle Moser

Salutatorian by Breckenridge InterBank
Maria Isabel Rodriguez Alvarado

Adam Nicholas Garcia Ag Memorial Scholarship
Braxton Post and Geurin Boles

Adams Real Estate Scholarship
Samantha Andis, Angel Rodriguez and Dylan Cisneros

ASA Softball Scholarship
Makenna Moser

Ashton Jones Memorial Scholarship
Kally Atchison and Hanna Ethridge

Billy Nichols Memorial Scholarship
Samantha Stephens

BISD Scholarship by Rotary Club
Kally Atchison, Elyssa Glick and Samantha Stephens

Boscar Satterwhite Memorial Scholarship
Knightlin Haley

Bowers Memorial Scholarship by FUMC
Elyssa Glick

Breckenridge Bass Club
Riley Durham and Cheyenne Boone

Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Diana Patterson, Kally Atchison, Samantha Stephens, Knightlin Haley, Mackenzie Harris and Elyssa Glick

Breckenridge FFA Alumni Scholarship
Diana Patterson

Breckenridge Golf Scholarship by Ken and Sammie Blades
Zane Herrington and Samantha Stephens

Breckenridge Lion’s Club Scholarship
Kennedi Toombs and Anthony Baeza

BLOC (Breckenridge Love of Cheer) Scholarship
Hailey Hendrix, Brittany Robertson, Samantha Stephens and Kennedi Toombs

Breckenridge Masonic Lodge Scholarship
Angel Rodriguez, Saul Gonzales and Kolton McCullough

Casey Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship
Geurin Boles, Margarita Phillips, Diana Patterson and Hailey Hendrix

Cindi Woodward Breckenridge Buckaroo Cheerleader Scholarship
Samantha Stephens, Kennedi Toombs, Kelli Wilcox and Hailey Hendrix

Class of 1961
Knightlin Hailey

Class of 1965
Kirsten Gann

Class of 1974
Riley Durham

Cody Owen Memorial Scholarship by FUMC
Elyssa Glick and Zachary Willis

Copperleaf Properties Johnny Lewis Memorial Scholarship
Madeline Pennartz

Dee Escalon Scholarship
Riley Durham and Anthony Baeza

Donna Lea Barrett Griffin Memorial Scholarship
Taylor Stanley, Samantha Stephens, Hannah Ethridge, Kally Atchison and Diana Patterson

Frank Casey Memorial Scholarship
Hannah Ethridge and Hailey Hendrix

Friends of Johnny Corbett Memorial Scholarship
Geurin Boles

Furr Scholarship by FUMC
Elyssa Glick and Zachary Willis

Howard Pardue Memorial Scholarship by Paige Townson, Leigh Murray and Chad Townson
Samantha Stephens

Houston “Boscar” Satterwhite Golf Scholarship
Samantha Stephens

Jimmy McCullough United Girls Softball Association Scholarship
Kelly Wilcox, Makenna Moser, Kally Atchison and Hailey Hendrix

Joe Crousen Memorial Scholarship
Kelli Wilcox

John and Kate Bailey Memorial Scholarship
Kally Atchison and Mackenzie Harris

Johnny Corbett Memorial Scholarship
Geurin Boles

Jonell, Inc. Employee Scholarship
Cecelia Hernandez and Jose Arellano

Jonell, Inc. Scholarship
Makenna Moser

Kimberley Brooke Pardue Memorial Scholarship by Paige Townson and Leigh Murray
Mackenzie Harris

Kimberley Brooke Pardue Memorial Scholarship by Lois Smalley
Diana Patterson

KLXK/Lance Kitchens Scholarship
Anthony Baeza

Larry Parker Memorial Scholarship
Riley Durham and Makenna Moser

Little Bucks Volleyball Scholarship
Makenna Moser, Maria Alvarado, Mackenzie Harris, Kelli Wilcox and Aylin Saucedo

MT7 Ranch Scholarship by Mike and Mary Terry
Knightlin Haley

Margaret Hallauer Memorial Scholarship
Elyssa Glick and Diana Patterson

Maude Allison Memorial Scholarship
Hannah Ethridge

Mothers of Buckaroos (MOB) Scholarship
Riley Durham

Owen D. Woodward Memorial Scholarship
Makenna Moser, Samantha Stephens, Kelli Wilcox and Zane Herrington

Rotary Club Academic Excellence Scholarship
Knightlin Haley and Anna Pilkington

Sam Bamber Memorial Scholarship by Breckenridge Rotary
Anthony Baeza

Scotty Brown Memorial Scholarship
Riley Durham

Stephens Co. 4-H Scholarship
Diana Patterson

Stephens County Farm Bureau Scholarship
Diana Patterson, Makenna Moser and Geurin Boles

Stephens County Jr. Livestock Show Scholarship
Braxton Post

Stephens Memorial Hospital Foundation Scholarship
Hailey Hendrix and Jadin Casto

Suicide Awareness Scholarship in Memory of Jimmy Jimenez and Anthony Pineda
Margarita Phillips and Mackenzie Harris

Tanner Ray French Memorial Scholarship
Makenna Moser, Riley Durham and Madeline Pennartz

Turner/Williams Memorial Scholarship
Diana Patterson and Zane Herrington

University of Texas Exes Scholarship
Maria Alvarado and Makenna Moser

Weldon Edwards Memorial Scholarship
Knightlin Haley

Whisker Getters Scholarship
Brittany Robertson and Diana Patterson

Woman’s Forum Scholarship
Knightlin Haley

Anonymous Donor
Geurin Boles, Anthony Baeza and Maegan Hatchett

Voice of Democracy (Junior Scholarships)
Alyssa Reyes and Kelton Wylie

George and Archie Lou Dickey Memorial Scholarship through Texas A&M University
Mackenzie Harris

State Competitors

The state competitors for the 2017-18 academic year were:

Band Color Guard
Suri Alvarado, Hailey Jones and Miriam Mendoza

Track and Field
Braden Campbell – Pole Vault

Veterinary Science Team
Anna Reaugh, Madison Warren, Liberty Blades, Samantha Andis and Kaitlyn Crook

Horse Judging Team
Braden Campbell, Kyler Knight, McKenly Roberts, Jasie Poindexter, Chauncy Jones

Marketing Plan Team
Diana Patterson, McKenly Roberts and Jasie Poindexter

Environment and Natural Resources
Griffin Flournoy, Weston Wilson, Zachary Smith and Christopher Otts

Ambassador at State FFA Convention
Halle Harvick

Special Olympics
Brittnee Wright, Roxana DeLaCruz, Jesus Arellano and Rachel Craft

Cutline, top photo: Students who took honors classes and maintained a specific GPA received the Buckaroo Award for Academic Excellence at the awards ceremony on Friday. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

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