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Elyssa Glick crowned 2018 Buckaroo Queen

Elyssa Glick crowned 2018 Buckaroo Queen
February 04
13:30 2018

In a long-held traditional ceremony, Elyssa Glick, daughter of Gary and Roxzann Glick, was crowned the 2018 Buckaroo Queen on Saturday night, Feb. 3, at Bailey Auditorium on the Breckenridge High School campus. It was the 93rd Coronation of the Buckaroo Queen.

Placing the crown on her head was Great Lord Chamberlain Marcos Gonzales, son of Dora Gonzales.

The ceremony featured a Hollywood theme, complete with a red carpet. The event included the introduction of the queen’s court, a variety of entertainers, ushers, the masters of ceremonies and the attendants.

Those participating included:

2018 Buckaroo Queen Elyssa Glick and Great Lord Chamberlain Marcos Gonzales leave the stage after Saturday night’s coronation. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Buckaroo Queen: Elyssa Glick
Great Lord Chamberlain: Marcos Gonzales
Best All-Around: Makenna Moser and Braxton Post
Most Popular: Kennedi Toombs and Riley Durham
Senior Favorites: Samantha Stephens and Anthony Baeza
Homecoming Queen: Surisadai Alvarado
Homecoming King: Anthony Pichler
Junior Class Favorites: AnnaKate Rodgers and Kyler Knight
Sophomore Favorites: Angelina Ruiz and Jaydon Cooper
Freshman Favorites: Kayla Wood and Jonas Arellano
Senior Homecoming Court: Jamie Curtis and Jose Cisneros
Senior Homecoming Court: Mackenzie Harris and Dylan Cisneros
Senior Homecoming Court: Aylin Saucedo and Zane Herrington
Senior Homecoming Court: Katie Nichols and Geurin Boles
Senior Homecoming Court: Kelli Wilcox and Taylor Stanley
Junior Homecoming: Alyssa Reyes and Kevin Franco
Sophomore Homecoming: Kinley Kanady and Tristan Garcia
Freshman Homecoming: Hannah Pennartz and Colby Stober

The trainbearers, crownbearer and flower boy sit in front of the Buckaroo Queen and Great Lord Chamberlain during the coronation ceremony Saturday night. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

NHS Sweetheart: Maria Alvarado
NHS Beau: Zach Smith
STUCO Sweetheart: Jadin Casto
STUCO Beau: Elijah Perez
FFA Sweetheart: Madi Warren
FFA Beau: Braden Campbell
Buckaroo Theatre Sweetheart: Samantha Heatley
Buckaroo Theatre Beau: Dakota French
Band Sweetheart: Claudia Mendoza
Band Beau: Cason Rincon
Yearbook Sweetheart: Morgan Hash
Yearbook Beau: D’Andrey Silva
FCCLA Sweetheart: Seleste Martinez
FCCLA Beau: Johnathan Spencer
Cheer Sweetheart: Yvette Galan
Football Beau: Warren Hardy
Head Usher: Dakotah Matthews
Senior Ushers: Tanner Stone, Blake Rutledge, Breanna Madison and Camey Fuller
Junior Ushers: Matthew Mathias, Marvin Phillips, Jaci Lester and Anna Fuqua
Sophomore Ushers: Kaitlyn Crook and Tanner Chambers
Freshman Ushers: Trinity Cooper and Jonathan Trejo
Masters of Ceremonies: Kirsten Gann and Saul Gonzalez
Technicians: Elizabeth Griffith and Axel Puebla
Pianist: Kole Tatum
Trainbearers: Olivia Scheffer and Avery Silva
Crownbearer: Mason Mendoza
Flower Boy: Tyson Hope

Hannah Pennartz sings for the Buckaroo Queen during the coronation Saturday night. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Coronation Coordinators: Callie Stenson & Leah Roberson
Special Assistance: Krista Wilcox

The entertainment was provided by:

  • Jacob Glick and Christian Duran – “You’re Gonna Miss This”
  • AnnaKate & Avery Rodgers – “Different”
  • Kayla Wood – “Make You Feel My Love”
  • BYC Royals – BYC Cheer Squad Music
  • Addison Dickenson – “Holding Out for a Hero”
  • Hannah Penartz – “Gravity”

The 93rd Breckenridge High School Coronation included the presentation of 2018 Buckaroo Queen Elyssa Glick, Great Lord Chamberlain Marcos Gonzales, as well as the Queen’s Court, ushers, attendants and entertainers. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

Cutline, top photo: Great Lord Chamberlain Marcos Gonzales places the crown on 2018 Buckaroo Queen Elyssa Glick during Saturday night’s coronation in Bailey Auditorium. It was the 93rd Coronation of the Buckaroo Queen. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

For more photos, click here to see the Breckenridge Texan’s photo gallery from the coronation.




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