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Harvick takes home Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award

Harvick takes home Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award
February 01
18:21 2018

The last event before the sale at the 2018 Stephens County Junior Livestock Show was the competition for the Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award. Halle Harvick, who originally showed sheep at the stock show, won the Master Showman Award.

The Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award contest includes the senior showmanship winners from the SCJLS divisions of rabbit, sheep, goat, swine and cattle. Participants may only win the award one time. This year, Kyler Knight was the Sheep Division Senior Showmanship winner, but since he had won the Master Showman Award in the past, he was not eligible for this year’s contest. Harvick took his place in the competition.

To participate in the contest, each exhibitor must show a rabbit, sheep, goat, swine and steer/heifer. Throughout the stock show, the senior showmanship winners were reminded that no matter which category they originally won in, they would have to show one of each of the types of animals. They were encouraged to borrow the other animals from their friends and fellow exhibitors and to seek out advice on showing the animals they were not accustomed to showing.

As the winner, Harvick received $1,000 and a belt buckle displayed in an embossed leather frame.

The contestants in the 2018 Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award competition were:

  • Halle Harvick — Sheep Division Senior Showmanship runnerup
  • Kaitlyn Crook — Rabbit Division Senior Showmanship winner
  • Remington Grissom — Goat Division Senior Showmanship winner
  • Landree Wade — Swine Division Senior Showmanship winner
  • Madison Warren — Cattle Division Senior Showmanship winner

The award is named after the late Jacob Jackson, who died in 2014 at the age of 33. The award was first given out in 2015, and it was presented to Harvick by Tye Jackson and Addalyn Jackson, Jacob’s brother and young daughter.


Cutline, top photo: Stock show judge Lee Stanley shakes Halle Harvick’s hand as he names her the winner of the 2018 Jacob Jackson Master Showman Award. Behind Stanley, Tye Jackson and Addalyn Jackson wait to present Harvick with the framed buckle. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

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