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August 15
20:00 2017

During the week of Aug. 7 – 13, the sheriff’s office had 41 calls for service and served 13 sets of civil papers.  Calls for service include but are not limited to: 911 calls, proactive contacts, non-emergency calls, registering sex offenders, serving civil papers, transporting prisoners in and out of the county jail, court security, etc.

August 8

  • A 37 year old male was arrested for misdemeanor assault family violence after the S.O. was called to his address on CR 313 for a disturbance with injury. The public should remember that if you are convicted of family violence that you cannot possess firearms.


  • Sheriff Holt was the guest speaker at the weekly Rotary Club meeting located at L&L Family Restaurant. Members of the sheriff’s office are always willing to speak, answer questions, or educate your organization, church, students, etc.  Just call us at 559-2481 to schedule.

August 10

  • While conducting a follow-up investigation on recent burglaries in the county, deputies arrested two males from a truck in the 1300 block of E. Walker Street for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana. The 35 year old driver was booked for 2nd degree felony possession of a controlled substance in a drug free zone and for possession of marijuana.  The 21 year old passenger was booked for 3rd degree felony possession of a controlled substance in a drug free zone.  BPD assisted.


August 11

  • Last week a burglary of a building was reported on CR 229. On Friday the 11th, some of the stolen property from this burglary was recovered after follow-up investigations on the 10th and 11th were conducted.  We are seeking warrants of arrest for the known suspects.


  • A 30 year old male was arrested on FM 3099 for being a felon in possession of a firearm. The arrest stemmed from a traffic stop for multiple traffic violations.


  • A 33 year old male was arrested from the courthouse on a warrant related to burglary of a habitation.


  • A deputy arrested two people from a vehicle at approximately 1AM after they were reported as suspicious on CR 213. The male was arrested for a warrant related to DWI.  The 34 year old female was arrested for a warrant also related to DWI.

August 12

  • A 2009 Kawasaki EX250 motorcycle was reported stolen from S. Graham Avenue. It is blue with black trim.


  • Sheriff Holt represented the S.O. at Buckaroo Bash, a back-to-school event, held at The First United Methodist Church. Sheriff Holt provided crime prevention and safety education materials to children and parents including coloring books, junior deputy sticker badges, and magazines for parents and teachers.
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