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Breckenridge’s TSTC campus getting new sign

Breckenridge’s TSTC campus getting new sign
June 12
05:50 2019

What says state pride louder than a 15-foot-tall monument in the shape of Texas?

Texas State Technical College in Breckenridge is having a new sign installed in front of the main building this week as part of a system-wide project. The Sweetwater campus completed the construction of its new sign at the campus entrance in early May and similar signs are being placed at each of TSTC’s other locations.

“The sign is part of the new look and branding of TSTC. These signs are being installed on all the campuses across the state,” said Maria Aguirre, senior executive director of TSTC Communication and Creative Services. “Our campuses in West Texas — Abilene, Breckenridge, Brownwood and Sweetwater — are getting the updates on this cycle.”

The signs not only mark the entrance to each campus, but they also serve as symbols of statewide unity for the technical college. Before its single accreditation in 2014, each TSTC campus operated somewhat independently. Now the campuses operate as one unified college in their goal of providing the Texas workforce with highly skilled technicians.

The statewide “way-finding” initiative is being implemented by the TSTC Facilities, Planning, Construction and Maintenance department.

“I was very excited about it. I’m always excited when we get to build something, and it was very much needed,” said Raymond Fried, associate vice chancellor of TSTC Facilities, Planning, Construction and Maintenance Services.

The first sign was installed at the Fort Bend County campus in the fall of 2016.

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Story courtesy of Sarah Trocolli/TSTC

Cutline, top photo: Lorenzo Villafranco (left) and Polo Franco with Polo Franco Masonry prepare bricks to be placed on the new sign in front of the TSTC main building at the Breckenridge campus on Tuesday afternoon. (Photo by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan)

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