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County Commissioners reinstate burn ban for Stephens County

County Commissioners reinstate burn ban for Stephens County
February 26
07:35 2019

Stephens County Commissioners reinstated the county-wide burn ban at their meeting on Monday, Feb. 25, after Breckenridge Fire Chief Calvin Chaney, who is also the Stephens County Fire Marshal, recommended putting the ban back on.

Chaney said almost all the surrounding counties have burn bans in place and the area’s moisture levels have decreasing. Although the county is still in the moderate range, the potential for a wildfire is there. The status of the fuel load is heavy this time of year, he said, and the weather forecast shows the area’s temperatures reaching the 70s on Friday before a cold front moves in on Saturday.

Last weekend, the area had mist and rain on Friday and then on Saturday there was a red flag warning because of high winds. Chaney said a fire in Ranger over the weekend was caused by a downed power and destroyed three houses.

“Luckily they were vacant and they weren’t lived in. They were livable structures; they’re totaled now,” he said. “We’re in that area where it can happen anytime. And then we have to be prepared for it.”

The only things that will be allowed to be burned during the ban will be the exceptions outlined in the order issued by Commissioners Court, which includes firefighter training; public utility, natural gas pipeline or mining operations; planting or harvesting of agricultural crops; and burns that are conducted by a prescribed burn manager. Click here to see a copy of that order.


Story by Tony Pilkington/Breckenridge Texan

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