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Stephens County Sheriff’s Office summary for July 9-15

July 16
14:47 2018

Sheriff’s Weekly Summary

Calls for Service: 31
Civil Papers Successfully Served: 2
Inmates Currently Housed: 32

July 9

  • A deputy drove to Taylor County Jail to arrest a 36-year-old female and then transport her back to Stephens County Jail. The warrant was related to criminal trespassing.
  • A Stephens County inmate was transported by a deputy to a TDCJ prison near Abilene.

July 11

  • A 43-year-old female was issued a criminal trespass warning for a residence on FM 717 South.
  • A forgery in progress was reported from a business on U.S. Highway 180 West. A deputy responded and made contact with a suspect who had passed counterfeit U.S. currency. After a preliminary investigation, the 23-year-old male was arrested for the felony of forgery.

 July 12

  • The same business on U.S. Highway 180 West found more counterfeit money that was passed at the business. The money was detected while conducting a business transaction at a local bank.
  • A deputy took a delayed report of a homemade trailer stolen from an address on East Elliott Street.

 July 14

  • The Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that pulled into Allsup’s, 511 W. Walker St. The Breckenridge Police Department arrived as backup and assisted throughout the investigation. A narcotics investigation ensued, which resulted in the following suspected drugs being confiscated: cocaine, methamphetamine, steroids, and marijuana. A handgun was also confiscated along with dozens of rounds of ammunition for various calibers. The 24-year-old male driver and the 19-year-old female passenger were arrested and booked for First Degree Felony Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 (Cocaine) and Second Degree Felony Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 (Methamphetamine). Other charges for the firearm, marijuana, and steroids are pending while the investigation continues.
  • A citizen called in a burglary of a motor vehicle in progress on FM 3201. A deputy responded and found the suspect and the stolen property nearby. All of the property was returned to the victim-owner. A warrant of arrest will be sought for the suspect.

 July 15

  • A female was transported to a mental health hospital in Wichita Falls, after having an emergency detention order signed against her.

 Calls for service include but are not limited to: 911 calls, proactive contacts, non-emergency calls, registering sex offenders, serving civil papers, transporting prisoners and juveniles in and out of the county, mental hospital transports, court security, etc.


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