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Today is Primary Runoff Election Day

Today is Primary Runoff Election Day
May 22
07:22 2018

Today, Tuesday, May 22, is Election Day in the runoff for the Republican and Democratic Primary Elections. Voting will take place at each precinct’s voting location.

Locally, the Republican Primary Runoff Election will include two offices, County Commissioner Precinct 4 and Justice of the Peace. Eric O’Dell and Jamie Whitley, who garnered 168 and 140 votes, respectively, in March’s Republican Primary Election, are vying for the county commissioner position. In March, in the Justice of the Peace race, Steve Spoon received 607 votes and Leslie Blackerby received 495 votes, with neither garnering more than 50 percent of the total votes. To read more about each of those candidates, click here for the Breckenridge Texan Candidate Profiles.

Those two races are the only ones on the local Republican Primary Runoff ballot; there are no state-wide offices in the runoff. On the Democratic Primary Runoff ballot, the only office in a runoff is for the Democratic nominee for governor. The two candidates vying for that office are Lupe Valdez and Andrew White.

Because the election is a primary runoff, there are some rules that need to be followed, in addition to the regular Texas election rules. If you voted in a party primary, you’re eligible to vote in that primary’s runoff. However, the Texas Election Code states that if you have been affiliated with a particular party during the same voting year — by either participating in a party’s primary or convention — you are eligible to vote in only in that same party’s primary runoff election. For example, a voter who participated in the Democratic primary can only vote in the Democratic primary runoff and is not eligible to vote in the Republican primary runoff.

A voter who is not affiliated with either party – by voting in the primary or participating in one of the conventions – may vote in either party’s primary runoff.

In the March 6 Republican Primary, Sharon Trigg won the County Treasurer race, and Mark McCullough won the County Commissioner Precinct 2 race. In addition to the four contested races, there were four uncontested races. The following unopposed candidates won the Republican Primary: Michael Roach, County Judge; Christie Coapland, District Clerk; Jackie Ensey, County Clerk; and Graham Reaugh, County Chairman.

Write-in candidates can still file to run against the Republican candidates in the Nov. 6 Uniform Election. The last day to file as a write-in candidate is Aug. 20.

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