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Stephens County Sheriff’s Office Weekly Summary for April 16-22

April 25
06:47 2018

Sheriff’s Weekly Summary

Calls for Service: 41
Civil Papers Served: 17
Inmates Currently Housed: 27

April 16

  • A deputy transported a male inmate from Stephens County Jail to a prison near Abilene.
  • The sheriff’s office contacted a wanted felon with a parole warrant driving a truck in the 100 block of East Walker Street. The 28-year-old male was arrested, and so was his 29-year-old front passenger, a male wanted for a past traffic violation. The S.O. called Breckenridge Police Department K9 to the scene, and the K9 alerted on the smell of drugs. Pills of alprazolam were found in the vehicle. The brand name for alprazolam is Xanax, a highly abused prescription drug.

April 18

  • A deputy transported a male mental health patient to a mental hospital in Abilene due to an emergency detention order being signed.
  • A deputy arrested a 36-year-old male on CR 261 for a warrant related to family violence. Sheriff Holt would like to remind the public that if you are convicted of family violence, you cannot possess firearms. Think before you react!
  • A deputy traveled to Marlin under orders from a judge’s bench warrant to transport a female inmate from a TDCJ prison back to the Stephens County Jail.

April 19

  • A deputy transported a minor from the courthouse to a juvenile detention center in Wichita Falls.

April 20

  • A deputy transported a female mental health patient to a mental hospital in San Angelo due to an emergency detention order.
  • A deputy transported a male inmate to the Tarrant County Jail, where the inmate boarded a TDCJ bus to go to his prison destination.
  • A terroristic threats report was made when the step-son of the victim made a death threat to the step-father over social media.

Calls for service include but are not limited to: 911 calls, proactive contacts, non-emergency calls, registering sex offenders, serving civil papers, transporting prisoners and juveniles in and out of the county, mental hospital transports, court security, etc.

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