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Stephens County Sheriff’s Office weekly summary for Jan. 29-Feb. 4

February 07
10:41 2018

Sheriff’s Weekly Summary

For the previous week, the sheriff’s office had 43 calls for service, successfully served 12 civil papers, and had 38 inmates in the jail as of Tuesday, Feb. 6.

January 29

  • A deputy transported a male to a TDCJ prison unit near Abilene.
  • Sheriff Will Holt, as a board member for Dr. Goodall’s house, which is the local Children’s Advocacy Center, attended training for the board, as well as their quarterly meeting in Graham.

January 30

  • A deputy assisted medics with a call that resulted in a 59-year-old male passing away from apparent prior medical conditions. The call originated on CR 310.
  • In regards to the sexual assault reported last week, the sheriff’s office conducted an interview with the suspect. Upon completion of that interview, the chief deputy applied for and obtained a warrant of arrest for the 21-year-old male suspect. The suspect was arrested at the Sheriff’s Office and booked into the Stephens County Jail.

February 1

  • The S.O. helped host the National Weather Service as they taught a classroom full of first responders and citizens who learned how to spot severe weather. This information helps keep the county and city safe. The S.O. would like to thank TSTC for providing the classroom and the audio and video technology.

February 2

  • The Sheriff’s Office took a report from the previous week of a kidnapping on North Butte Avenue involving two adult males, both in their 20s, one being the victim and one being the suspect. After an investigation, the S.O. obtained an arrest warrant on a 26 year old male for aggravated kidnapping. In between the alleged offense and obtaining the arrest warrant, the suspect was arrested by Breckenridge Police Department on other charges. The S.O. served the kidnapping arrest warrant on the suspect while in the Stephens County Jail.
  • A deputy took a burglary of a home report on CR 229, where a firearm and a laptop were stolen. As of Feb. 6, due to joint, follow-up investigations between Breckenridge PD and the S.O., two juvenile suspects have been identified and have confessed to the burglary. They are currently confined in juvenile delinquent facilities.
  • Sheriff Holt was invited to speak to the Lion’s Club at their weekly lunch meeting at L&L Restaurant. He conducted a question and answer session with its members who attended, covering the 2017 year in review.

Calls for service include but are not limited to: 911 calls, proactive contacts, non-emergency calls, registering sex offenders, serving civil papers, transporting prisoners and juveniles in and out of the county, mental hospital transports, court security, etc.

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